Learning packs and resources for children

by Widespread Learning in Mawnan Smith, England, United Kingdom

Learning packs and resources for children


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Widespread Learning is looking for funds to ensure children in the community have access to learning materials.

by Widespread Learning in Mawnan Smith, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Continue the project further and reach more families - The Corona virus has been hard hitting on a lot of families and by reaching them with learning resources children and answers for the parents, we are ensuring more access to education and learning. 

Corona virus has caused some many major disruptions - one being primary education. In the past couple of weeks, Widespread Learning has been delivering 'Learning packs' to a variety of homes across Falmouth and Penryn. 

Of course home learning is going to be very different to school and we don't expect children to being studying for five hours of work a day. There will be lots of play time, creativity, baking, singing and dancing...but it is also important to ensure your child doesn't fall behind with core subjects such as maths, literacy and science. 

Widespread Learning has done some research on learning materials for a variety of different ages that follows the National Curriculum. These are colourful and organised in specific order according to the scheme of work. They also include and answers and analysis so parents can double check things over. They are heavy and detailed and will keep a child occupied and stimulated with a small guidance from an adult. 

We have also included paper, pens and craft material for those that may not be able to get out because of isolation reasons, or get hold of any online due to availability and affordability. These packs have been left on doorsteps to ensure social distancing guidelines. 

Schools are giving out more info and planning after Easter but Widespread Learning still worries that not every child will have access to the learning and resources they need. These learning packs are helpful in ensuring that families from all backgrounds have an idea of what to look at what areas to focus on. 

The Learning packs have been very popular and have been emailed where possible but not everyone has access to a printer, computer, wifi etc. As the learning packs are large, the printing, plastic wallets, resources are now proving quite costly and we are not sure how many more packs we can provide. We are looking at the community to help develop this project further and enable children an opportunity in ensuring they don't fall behind with their learning.

Any money will raised will go towards more colour printing, plastic wallets, paper, pens. - and towards the distribution of the packs - postage.

Thank you kindly for any help <3 xx

Let's make 'Learning packs and resources for children' happen

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