Learning academy for Disadvantaged Children

by Mike Williams in Wilmslow, England, United Kingdom

Learning academy for Disadvantaged Children


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We want to build an online learning academy that provides educational and emotional support for cognitively disadvantaged children.

by Mike Williams in Wilmslow, England, United Kingdom

Personal Profile

I'm Mike, a technical enthusiast, software-engineer, business-owner and father. I have two wonderful children in junior school. Thorughout my career I have worked in development, business-analysis, administration and Sales. Since becoming the director of MyURP Limited, I have been consumed with any of the latest project and ongoing services within the company.


I have had a strange, wonderful, challenging and exciting life. In my life I've been truly inspired by people who face great challenges with determination and ambition. I have noticed a distinct disparity between the availability of time for quality-of-life when comparing the lives of healthy families and those that are supporting the more disadvantaged among us. The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has accelarated the need of support for desperate p1596233998_disability.jpgarents that are in some cases struggling to cope with the additional strain caused by school closures. This project is a show of support from the project's partners - the team of specially selected individuals who contribute time and resources to help make this a possibility - and a Success. Your contribution of: support, feedback or donation could play a crucial role in making this wonderful project a success. We will be recruiting and vetting volunteers of all backgrounds and nationalities to provide contributions to what we hope will eventually be a global academy with language support for everywhere it can be used. Should the project receive suffinient funding to begin - we encourage you to share this project with any educators, peadiatric healthcare professionals to contact us and offer their support for the project.

The End Product

We are ultimately creating a highly interactive, customizable and requirements specific learning system. We are collating a list of existing materials, creating new ones, and providing these resources to cognitively disadvantaged children. Through a unique, intelligent and responsive virtual-learning aide. The courses will be made available to the parents, and educators of the children as the service becomes active. A large portion of this project is to be dedicated to an in-depth requirements analysis conducted by knowledge-worker groups of various industry sectors within education and social care.

The Process
Should the sufficient funding amount be raised to initiate the project, work will begin immediately towards completing the requirements involved among the various teams. Stage-by-stage the project will be carried out in accordance with the overall plan set out in this page.


Stage Plans

The project is to be divided into 3 major milestones and discussed in more detail within the schedules below.

Milestone 1: (10  / 16 months)

  • Initial User-Feedback group selected and agreed
  • Agreement of Feedback approach applicable for the individual children
  • Sensory Requirements analysis coordinated then finalised byEducators and feedback team. Sensory requirements analysis discussed with development and analysis teams and Human-Computer-Interaction mechanisms finalised
  • Official volunteer Educators and Contributors agreed, vetted and approved
  • Launch resources created by Contribution teams and approved by Education teams
  • Contribution agreements finalised and Contributor training provided
  • Educators and Contributors finalised and provided with course resources
  • Design documents finalised between development / management teams
  • Scope of applicability agreed between management and education teams

Milestone 2: (16 / 30 months)

  • Development of initial release 1
  • Construction of initial feedback analysis between Educators, management Development teams, and the user-group feedback
  • Development of in-depth relatable and customisable virtual academy for individuals and groups with deficiency-specific tuition groups and tuition programs
  • Publication of findings from feedback analysis taking the form of a academic journal artice a digital library

Milestone 3: (16 / 45 months)

  • Ongoing maintenance budget finalised and funding sourced via local or national funding sources
  • Release of initial alternative method for computer interaction (i.e. voice interaction) 
  • Development of the highly interactive, customizable and requirements specific learning system. This is a system which responds to mood-fluctuations and objective competency, providing various challenge and stimulation accordingly.
  • Testing facilities
  • Virtual Academies provided to 25 educational facilities around the country.

The best / worst case scenario schedules are based on readily-available information, current global circumstances and the experience and foresight of technical and management teams.


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