Learn to self-coach and land the dream goal!

by The Self-Coaching Circle in London, England, United Kingdom


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I will teach you how to be at your best whilst overcoming the obstacles on the way with tried and tested self-coaching tools.

by The Self-Coaching Circle in London, England, United Kingdom

I am all about setting dream goals which might seem IMPOSSIBLE. My mindset around goals and success has evolved greatly over the years. I struggled to set goals for myself and find motivation in my twenties in France (born and raised!) and so did what everyone else was doing: get a secure job, buy property and a car! Done. I had all the right things on the outside but no real drive on the inside. One fine day, I decided it was time to scrape it all, leave and start a meaningful journey.

This journey of now 12 years has led me to live, teach, mentor and coach in Morocco, Scotland and London. I have met the most supportive people along the way who have helped me to shape a vision for my life. Qualified as a teacher both in France and in the UK, I have taught in four different educational systems, supporting thousands of young people, students and adults to reach their goals and be successful in their exams (90% success rate on average). I also trained  a number of teachers to deliver the best quality teaching while preserving their well-being in this challenging role!

It was during my 20s that I was introduced to mental preparation and later mental toughness in my own practice of competitive show-jumping and dressage. I started working on my own brain when I reached a semi-pro level. Whilst my technical skills were on point, I didn't have the psychological resilience and wasn't getting the results I wanted. Mental toughness completely changed the landscape of my preparation, practice and performance. I went from struggling to get a clear round to being within the first five places every single time. Since then, I have used these methods in dressage and in other areas of my life for self-coaching whenever I had a big goal that I found scary.

I started investigating life and corporate coaching at the start of 2018 and got ICF-certified as a Transformational coach by the end of that year. Since then, I have accumulated over 400 hours of 1:1 practice, mainly in the corporate leadership arena, where self-awareness, resilience and self-confidence are the keys to success in our rapidly changing economic context.

As a coach, I have quickly realized that my clients often find challenges or resistance posed by their own thinking. If not carefully managed, our brain generates feelings and thoughts which negatively impact our actions and ultimately our results. Long story short, our thoughts create our results, which is why it is crucial to manage our thoughts and actively working on creating the thoughts we WANT to have. The other challenge my clients encounter is being ashamed to set big goals for themselves, for fear of making waves, of standing out, of not fitting in the collective beliefs of how things are done. Being bold, confident and healthy indeed are skills to be learned by most of us.

The Self-Coaching Circle was born from years of observation and practice of the skills you need to manage your brain and get the confidence and resilience which will allow you to dream big, achieve success and preserve your well-being. I will teach you how to be at your best whilst managing the pitfalls along the way. The simple and practical tools I teach are transferable and reusable in all areas of your life.

My private sessions and workshops are a blend of coaching and self-coaching techniques drawing on sports psychology, cognitive behaviour coaching and therapy, leadership mindset training and well-being best practices. I will teach you to manage your feelings, thoughts, habits, confidence and resilience through practical exercises you will then reuse for self-coaching at home and for the rest of your life!

Whether you have a big dream goal you have been shying away from, simply have an idea of what you might like to do or just want to manage your brain and results better, the Self-Coaching Circle has a session or workshop that is right for you! 

Let's make 'Learn to self-coach and land the dream goal!' happen

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