Smart rechargable Drinking Mug .

The Sooze Smart Mug , No need to plug through electric socket at all times . The funds would help towards manufacturing and development .

We did it!

On 21st Jan 2018 we successfully raised £330 with 3 supporters in 56 days

The  Sooze mart Mug is a product that really works well for every one in reality Everyone is a winner at all time.

Lets say we now have a Smart Mug which we can use everyday anywhere that can add value to our everyday life from being able to warm a cold chocolate drink , Coffee, Tea, and even baby food without the use or need to plug in the Smart Mug at all  time through a powered electric wall Socket .

We have here a great product that is ready to be used today by all. We want every one to have a unique product that can do more save people time , money and space . The Sooze Smart Mug would be sold with three free top covers ,  One is a baby feeder, The other two covers works well with adult.

Today everyone wants more than just a product so we are using the funds to develop and create a family of Five Sooze Smart Mug in different colours were users can chose or customize there Smart Mug which comes with the Sooze Image .

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