Leaking roof
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Fix a badly leaking roof before it collapses in the bad winter weather

by Panic roof in Feltham, England, United Kingdom

I’m a single mummy raising a autistic son money is incredibly tight I struggle to pay the bills  mortgage and feed us each month but I just about manage. The problem is a part of my house has a flat roof which has sprung a leak.  I have no way of raising the funds to fix it can’t get a loan would not afford the repayments. I have tried going to the local council see if a grant available there is not, as my son is on the disability register went to disabled adaptations grant no that is not what it’s for it for accessibility only! Tried the council housing department they only help people in their houses tried citizens advice and there is nothing basically because it’s my house it’s my responsibility but I can’t afford it and am afraid it will colapse over the winter so this is my last resort to try and raise the funds! 

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