Leak the Free Drinks You Can Get in London

Leak the Free Drinks You Can Get in London

Leak a website database of 100s of cafes, pubs and bars in London that offer free drinks and free coffees.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I've always loved getting things for free. I've always been an enthusiast of voucher codes, competition giveaways and freebies. Over the last few years, I've saved thousands of pounds on shopping, meals out, holidays and bagged some great goodies. Conversely, the one thing I hate more than anything - having to pay above the odds.

Over a year ago now, I moved to London. I'm not very well off as very few at my age are when you live in London. My friends and I are all keen pub goers. Together, these two facts became a very sore spot for me. 

Having to pay £5+ for pints and upto £10 for cocktails when I went out with friends was something that offended me right to my core and certainly made my bank account look even more sad than usual. Once or twice, I had to refuse a few evenings out with my friends as I simply couldn't afford the costs that the night out would entail. 

But that all changed one day when I was checking out a website where I was going for a drink to look up the location and noticed that they were offering a free £10 cocktail to those who signed up. I can't express the joy I felt that day when I handed in my voucher while my friends were forking out their bank notes.

From that day forth, I was determined that I would find more of these offers, so that rarely would I ever have to spend my hard-earned cash on over-priced drinks again. 

So for the last few months, I've been researching and tracking down as many pubs and bars in London that offer free cocktails, free drinks and free coffees as I can.

I'm delighted to say that the database is looking wonderful with over 200+ pubs and growing. I have direct links to where you can get the free drink, the pub/bar addresses (postcodes + area of London), details of what drink you can have and how to claim the free drinks.

Since I've begun, I've been able to save hundreds of pounds on drinks for my friends and I. 

My ambition is not merely to keep this to myself but ensure that others like me are able to fully enjoy all the free drink goodness that I currently am enjoying. I want to leak this database and save other pub goers hundreds of pounds on drinks. 

This is my dream.

My dream is that scrimpers all over London can have an evening out that won't make their bank account sad.

My dream is to ensure that no-one feels they can't go out in London with their friends because of money reasons.

My dream is that after a great night out, the only guilt you'll feel is how much you drank - not how much you spent. 

My dream is to have a website where you're able to simply enter your postcode and find all the pubs near you or where you're going out that evening.

My dream is make this database come alive with images, descriptions and an interactive map. 

My dream is to have a website where people can share the Free Drinks they've found and pubs can add their offers to the list.

My dream is to have a forum where people can share their reviews on each of the pubs that offer free drinks.

My dream is to eventually extend this database to all over the UK, so not just Londoners have access to free drinks.

Help make this dream come true. Share the free drink love. Stop the tyranny of £10 cocktails and £5 pints.