Legalise Cannabis UK

Legalise Cannabis UK

Legalisation of Medical Cannabis across the United Kingdom, as well as building a business in the recently legalised Republic Of Ireland.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Legalise Cannabis UK. Legalization of Medical Cannabis across United Kingdom Following  Ireland


Legalise Cannabis UK is an organization that aims to legalize medical cannabis in the United Kingdom as well as manufacture, import and supply  Cannabis to the Republic of Ireland. The company will use  the profits towards funding the legalization of medical cannabis in United Kingdom as well as pay for research and jobs. We also aim offer information  and any research done about cannabis to the public for free.

What is ‘Legalise Cannabis UK’?

It is an organization that would be classed as a social enterprise. The Aim is to start a business that can sustain funds towards the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK . As we get more funding there will be an app plus website , that will keep people updated as well as allow for voting or sharing of ideas.

Why I founded ‘Legalise Cannabis UK’?

The legalisation in The Republic of Ireland inspired me to help with UK reforms to end  people treating Medical Cannabis as a criminal substance, as well as start a business in the Republic Of Ireland. So with the point of abolishing this hypocrisy  I chose to run this unique venture known as Legalise Cannabis UK, to reform build a foundation for the UK to kick start jobs and help those that need it.  I believe it will

How does Legalise Cannabis UK work?

Legalise Cannabis UK starts with you! You donate money and we then use the funds to start a business in the Republic Of Ireland, basing grow factories  both in the UK and Republic Of Ireland. We then supply medical products worldwide, whilst using the profits to pay for serious efforts to legalise medical cannabis in the UK. So far there has been no successes due to the lack of serious funds. The opposition have deep pockets (big Pharmacy and Alcohol companies ) which means if we are serious about this we need to dig deep.

Through an app every person will be able to vote for ideas and take part in the movement of legalising cannabis in the UK.

Why a crowd funding campaign?

I have started the campaign to get the funds necessary for raising the organization and making Medical Cannabis legalised across the United Kingdom as well as setting up a business. For this to succeed we need to work together as the opposition have a lot of influence and money. There is power in numbers and for this to succeed we need number and that means your help!

What will I use the money for?

The funds will be utilized to:

  • Buy Wholesale License, Retail License, Importation License and Production License both in the UK and Ireland.
  • Create websites that will help the political and enterprise sides of the business.
  • Create a safe space to produce, grow and store Cannabis products.
  • To acquire retail premises to sell and possibly consume products depending on final outcome or legislation
  • Fund lobbying groups as well as politicians and other interests that will help us introduce a legislation to legalise cannabis responsibly.


You can contribute as much as you want. You can also contribute by sharing this crowd funding campaign with your friends family.

This project needs a crowd to fund and support this! If we can get just £2 from 250,000 people, that would hold more water that a petition with a million signatures. There are over a million people that want to see cannabis legalised including police. If each of those people donated just £2, we would have a legalised UK within 2 years.  We are also looking for people to work with such as app and web developers. We will take any help we can get so if you feel like you can contribute please drop us an email.

What is my long-term goal?

 Legalise Cannabis UK  aims to reach whatever number of individuals around the globe as would be prudent. My long term goal is to campaign for the legalisation of medical cannabis in the United Kingdom. The ultimate goal is to have a legalised UK by campaigning and introducing a legislation that will benefit the UK economy, cut down organised crime, and help fund the NHS. Once we have funding for the website there will be detailed plans of what can be achieved from the industry, such as biogas production even indoor crop growing. To wrap things up we need you to join us on this journey to change laws  whilst creating an organisation that change the nation and create jobs whilst saving the government money. 

 Final words

Thank you very much for your time, your contributions and for sharing the campaign. There is lots more to add but will do so once we get a website running. If anyone can help in anyway please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please help by  sharing  on social media.

*Special Thanks To for creating a free logo to help the cause.  A true human being and artist. He never asked for money or for recognition.