Help for music recording

Help for music recording

I am a solo artist looking for funding to record, make videos etc to help give my daughter a better life than the struggle we face daily xo

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I am a solo artist and have worked as this for over 5 years with no pay. I need your help to help me raise funds so I can carry on. As well as being a single parent. I have gotten quite far but still not as far as I could. I am desperate to get some music out and start doing more work but that requires funds. I have tried every way imaginable to try and do this myself but with no luck. I currently dont get any help and have not asked until now. Im not sure of this will even work or help so I can build a better future for my daughter but someone directed me here and I thought I would try it. I would love to show everyone who is struggling and finding it hard to see a way out that there is actually a way and to never give up. I have been very close but my fans wont let me. I think my fans are what make me and I would love to do right but them but in order to do this I need your help. This isnt just to record music etc, This is to give my daughter a better life. Even if its something very small, We would be very grateful. So please donate or if you are unable, Share this. You would be making a single parent and a child very happy. Thankyou xo

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