An Alternative To Legal Aid

by jsb in Farnborough

An Alternative To Legal Aid
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An Alternative To Legal Aid For Persons or Businesses Who Can't Afford Lawyers

by jsb in Farnborough

An Alternative* to Legal Aid For Civil, Community, Small Business & Commercial Cases

Less than 10% of the UK population is eligible for civil Legal Aid. In the 1970s, 80%+ were eligible. We aim to bridge the affordability gap with some of the lowest cost services in the market

We want to make the legal system extremely affordable for the average person or business owner

Most people and small businesses can't afford lawyers. Even lawyers can't afford their own services

State-funded Legal Aid is usually the lowest cost legal service for civil cases

It isn't free – unless you’re very poor

Many of its services have been abolished

Assistance is refused in many categories and for business owners

We are an alternative to Legal Aid for private low to lowest cost services

We may be able to help you if

  • you're an individual, community group or business owner who
  • can't get civil Legal Aid and
  • can't afford lawyers and
  • your case involves any of the categories set out below**

 We focus on civil and commercial cases only

We are unable to assist in cases involving criminal, personal injury, financial services or immigration law

 The internet is changing how lawyers work – which means huge savings

We work differently from law firms – with the same results for up to 85% less than market rates

 No longer do you have to see a solicitor first

We do back-office legal work at low cost

We do not manage your case, give legal advice or conduct your case

We work with lawyers who advise and represent you at low cost

 Here's how it works – just 5 easy steps to follow

  1. You Decide Your Objective & Budget
  2. We Do the Preparatory Work
  3. You Choose A Fixed Fee or Cost Quote
  4. We Liaise With A Solicitor or Barrister
  5. You Get Advice & Representation


We believe in simplicity and value for money

By working differently, anyone can afford lawyers

It doesn't cost anything to get a quote

If you find a genuinely lower price, we'll beat it !

**Retail Business : Family, Debt Recovery, Negligence, Contract, Insolvency, Real Property, Personal Property, Government Policy, Building Disputes, Arbitrations or Dispute Resolution

Commercial Business : Liquidations / Receiverships, SME / Corporate Debt Recovery, Commercial Contract, Negligence, Construction Disputes, Commercial Real Property, Government Policy, Company Law, Corporate Tax Disputes, Commercial Arbitrations, ADR

About Law-7

We are solicitors and barristers who worked in legal practice for up to 40 years

We provide legal services but we are not a law firm or a claims manager

Our experience includes all civil and commercial litigation, arbitrations and mediations

We offer a first-class, low cost alternative to traditional legal advisors

We have an association with barristers in Middle Temple, London

This has been approved by the Bar Standards Board

We will work collaboratively with any solicitors or barristers who share our objectives

*We do not participate in the state-funded, public sector Civil Legal Aid Scheme. But we approve of and support the concept of Legal Aid as a low to lowest-cost service. We offer highly affordable, low to lowest-cost legal services on a private basis to persons or businesses who do not qualify for Legal Aid. We do not guarantee that we can help everyone but we will do our best to provide whatever assistance we can.

Pledges will be offset against casework received by us or referred to us. We may offer extra discounts on top

Crowdfunder Community Groups may be eligible for free organisational assistance and analysis

Rewards will include access to the lowest cost legal services in the market and a free logistics overview to identify your legal objectives, if appropriate

Pledges from persons or businesses will receive free service now or in the future to the value of your pledge
Pledges from businesses, will in addition, receive free membership of our Business Exchange Network, potential new business development and two-way business referrals
Pledges from professional colleagues will attract membership of our panel for future collaborative casework on a prioritised basis

Pledges over £2,000 may qualify for future share options


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Free service now or in the future to the value of your pledge or with additional discounts on top

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Free service now or in the future to the value of your pledge or with additional discounts on top

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

For clients, free service now or in the future to the amount pledged with any discounts For community organisations, free service to help you with your long term needs For businesses, additional free membership of our Business Exchange Network For professional colleagues, membership of our panel for future collaborative work

£2,000 or more

£2,000 Reward

Rewards and benefits as for £1,000 Pledge and extended support or assistance as appropriate in any future community or investment scheme

Let's make 'An Alternative To Legal Aid' happen