Help Lou finish her last leg of becoming a lawyer

Help Lou finish her last leg of becoming a lawyer

Hello my name is Lou, determined mother of 2 and I have run out of money to fund the last leg of my goal of becoming a lawyer.

We did it!

On 29th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Hello my name is Lou and I am trying to find donations to help me achieve the last leg of my goal.

In 2011 I was told I had cancer in my cirvix  ( whilst pregnant ) as you can imagine I had to consider choices that no mother should have to think about. 

In December I gave birth 6 weeks early to a health but small baby boy . I had the required surgery to remove my tumour and life started again.

I decided 4 weeks later to show my boys how to push for what you want no matter how silly it sounds to other people.

I had been a little half hearted with life up to this point and so decided to aim high and do what I knew deep down I could do. Be a lawyer.

the job so far 

AVON lady 

2012 I went to school and go my a levels 3xA 1xB  at age 28  £1200

2016 I graduated from keele university with a 2.2 in law   £39000

I am struggling to fund the last leg of my journey to qualify as a lawyer and I am looking for support.

I want to show people that no matter your circumstance everyone has an opportunity some just need more help than others..  

I want my boys to be proud and to grow up to DARE TO DREAM .

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