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Laviot has been putting on events for Queer, Jewish women since July 2018. Help us to continue growing our community and reach more people.

by Laviot in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Continue increasing our scope and welcoming more people more regularly to our community.

Laviot is an organisation that hosts events for queer, Jewish women. We welcome anyone who identifies with these three "pillars" - however you define it, we support it. 

We're crowdfunding from our community so that we can hire accessible venues, reduce the costs of tickets, buy equipment for our events and pay for services that make our events so amazing. Read more below or scroll down to hear about how we started and our success so far.

Why We're Crowdfunding

Laviot is a volunteer-led organisation. Though we are fortunate enough to have a 10-person strong committee, each of us volunteers our time and skills around other commitments. However, our operation does have costs, which until now we have tried our best to keep to a minimum. The result is that our venues are limited to spaces offered by our members, often houses that are too far for some to visit or are inaccessible to others. We would love to be able to hire spaces that welcome a wider reach of people.

For some of our events, we have relied on the generosity of friends and family to provide skills, equipment and time. In other cases, we have had to buy disposable tableware, and though we always choose biodegradable options, we would prefer more permanent options. With some funding, we should be able to buy reusable plates for our dinners, pay sound technicians and caterers for our larger events, subsidise the cost of events for those who aren't able to afford it themselves, and put on bigger and better events.

With your donations, we can make Laviot the community for all queer Jewish women in London, closely supported by our network of allies.

The Beginning

The idea was born from a conversation between our two Co-founders, Oli and Gabi, who met at a mutual friend's party (read more about it here). They were surprised to find that they had not come across each other before, despite being out as queer, Jewish women in London, and wondered how many other like-minded people were in their midst but not known to them. They decided to do something about it and set up a meeting that week.

A few days later, in a cafe in East Finchley, destined to be as famous as the one where Harry Potter was conceived, Oli and Gabi mapped out their aims and motivations on a pastry bag. A Facebook group was made, a launch date was set, and the news travelled by word of mouth (and Facebook invites). Within days the group had over 50 members.

Soon after came the name and then a logo. "Laviot", Hebrew for lionesses, was chosen because it tied in perfectly to all three of our pillars:

Women --> Lions are a matriarchal animal system - the females hunt, rear the children and divide labour to the best of each individual's abilities.

Jewish --> The Jewish people are likened to the children of a lioness (Ezekiel 19:2) and when asked what has God made of Jacob and the people of Israel, it is answered, “A people that rises like a lioness” (Barmidbar 23:24).

Queer --> A group of lionesses is called a… PRIDE.

In our logo you will see the face of a lioness made from a lamed, the Hebrew "L" and the first letter of "Laviot".

Nine Months Later

Since we launched on 8th July, the day after London Pride, we have over 50 people on our mailing list, including members and allies. We have close to 200 people on our members-only Facebook group, plus strong followings on our Facebook page(open to all), Instagram and Twitter (@LaviotUK).

We host a busy programme, in which we aim to include a diverse range of events which cater to all corners of our demographic. One of our proudest achievements to date is that we are yet to break a running streak of a new person at each event.

Once a month we arrange a Rosh Chodesh Queer Shiur (learning seminar), every 6-8 weeks we organise a Friday night Shabbat service and dinner, and we put on events which centre around Jewish holidays when possible, such as a Matzah Pizza Party at Passover. 

Unaffiliated to Jewish tradition, we have social events (games nights, arts and crafts), cultural events (panels and film viewings), and social action (volunteering, raising money). Though many of our events are specifically for members, i.e. those who identify with our pillars, we regularly invite members' partners or families. Every 3-4 months we host a big public event open to everyone, such as our open mic night and pub quiz, when we welcomed 80 and 100 people respectively.

So far, Laviot has been fortunate enough to partner with various organisations, including but not limited to Limmud, JW3, General Medical Council, Grassroots Jews, Moishe House, and BKY.