A Marquee for Laura's Celebration of Life Party

A Marquee for Laura's Celebration of Life Party

Our formidable Laura Weatherall-Plane left this earth after a heroic 8 year battle with cancer. Let's give her the send off she deserves...

We did it!

On 17th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £8,580 of £3,000 target with 332 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Any funds in excess of our target for the party and memorial bench will go to CoppaFeel !

On 27th May 2017 the world lost a real-life superhero...

Throughout eight years of living with cancer, Laura showed us all how to not only 'live with cancer', but how to LIVE. Her infectious zest for life, formidable strength of character and complete and utter selflessness was a lesson to us all in how to live the hell out of life and make the most of every single precious second.

She not only lived her life with every ounce of her (golden) heart and soul, but she also campaigned tirelessly raising awareness for the charity CoppaFeel!, a charity which spreads a very important message to check  your boobs. In knowing your boobs, early detection of breast cancer can lead to early diagnosis and treatment can then hopefully save your life. This message was unfortunately too late for Laura, but she still spread the message all across the UK, carried out heroic physical challenges and raised in excess of £70,000 for the charity.

Laura’s husband Jon Plane not only stood by Laura through every step of her battle with this cruel disease, but he provided an unwavering dedication to making our girl grin with that big beautiful smile of hers. Throughout every ‘blip’ (as Laura called each new diagnosis/receipt of bad news), Jon always ensured that Laura had the strength, support and positivity to carry on.

This was usually by way of embarking on crazy challenges or coming up with surprises to show Laura just how much everyone loved and supported her. Hiring a whole cinema and filling it with her friends all dressed as the cast of her favourite film (Dirty Dancing), renewing their wedding vows in Vegas with all of us watching on webcam link up back home, and setting off on trips to Iceland, Peru, Malibu (and the rest) to share their love of travel are just some of the things Jon set his sights on to help raise Laura’s spirits and make her smile.

Now that our beautiful girl is sleeping with the stars, Jon has one more challenge in his sights. He vowed to give her the send-off and memorial she deserved, and we intend to do help him do that with every ounce of our being...

Celebrating Laura's Life

Laura loved nothing more than to dance and laugh. She came alive on the dance floor and the way her turquoise eyes sparkled when she owned the dancefloor was magical and bewitching. Jon wants to hold the party of all parties so that all of her (many!) friends and family can celebrate the incredible life Laura led.

The party is to be on Saturday 15th July in a field in Wembury (a special place close to Jon and Laura’s hearts). The only ‘blip’ in this plan is that we need to source a circus tent/tipi/marquee with a capacity of approximately 400. Although we have oodles of enthusiasm, helpers and volunteers, we unfortunately have limited budget.

We have started this Crowdfunder campaign to help raise the funds to hire a marquee for the ultimate send-off celebration for our Laura, and for a memorial bench at Wembury beach overlooking her favourite view of the Mewstone. This will provide a place where family and friends can go to feel close to her and recall the many happy memories she has left us with.

Any funds in excess of our target for the party and bench will of course go to the charity CoppaFeel!.  

It’s our turn to look after Jon and raise him up and put that smile back on his face now. Help him smile again by giving his girl the send-off she deserved.

Laura would’ve been so proud to see us all carrying on her charity work, and hopefully will see that I am carrying out my promise to her 3 days before she died; that I will look after her Jonboy.

Thank you for any help you can be xxxx

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