Laura Zabo - Sustainable Fashion

by Laura Zabo in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 28th March 2018 we successfully raised £2,744 with 35 supporters in 14 days

The mission is to reduce tyre waste by educating people to wear unique and sustainable upcycled fashion.

by Laura Zabo in London, England, United Kingdom


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£3 or more

Thank you!

Every little help count, I really appreaciate your support! Aloha! :)

£5 or more

Help make a difference

When you donate £5, you will receive a special discount to any products and a personalised 'thank you'.

£8 or more

Receive a little something

If you pledge £8, you can receive a special hand-crafted product, along with an online discount for the rest of the year.

£15 or more

Upcycled Jewellery Making Workshop Voucher

Join us for a fun DIY workshop in London, make your own jewellery out of inner tubes and meet like-minded people.

£22 or more

Hand-crafted ZABO belt

When you pledge £22, you will expect a unqiue ZABO belt (and 25% off until the end of the year).

£36 or more

2 for the price of 1

Pledge £40 and you will receive any two belts from the ZABO collection (25% off until the end of the year).

£39 or more

DIY Upcycled Car Tyre Sandals - Limited Edition

Now you can buy the unique ZABO sandals on a very discounted price. RRP £59 These hand made open toe sandals have been upcycled from rejected car tires and are perfect for the summer. The stylish and durable lace-up designs include four loop holes where you can attach our new straps / (create your own by cutting up an old tee to create an effortless chic look)? The possibilities with these DIY gladiators are endless!

£72 or more

Family package!

A perfect gift for the family - 4 belts in any sizes with a jewellery set. Each of the family package supporters will have access to 25% off the website and have the choice to feature on the ZABO page.

£150 or more

Super Package

Create your own gift package and choose the items you like up to £270.

£390 or more

Getting the whole office involved

If you pledge £390, you will receive 20 belts and a mix of jewlery. Every receiver has access to 30% off online until December 2018.

£950 or more

Be an Eco-Hero

This package is perfect for upcoming birthdays and Christmas gifts! You should expect a selection of belts, necklaces and accessories (you can have a say in what you want)! You are helping to make a huge difference so you will appear on our Eco-Hero page so that everyone knows how you are supporting this project. Along with this, 25% off ZABO items for the next year!

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