Whitby - Exciting new product launch for Tenebrous

Whitby - Exciting new product launch for Tenebrous

Launch Tenebrous Tales & Fabrications' first exciting offering at Whitby Goth Festival, October 2017. Travel the mystery world with a story.

We did it!

On 11th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days

For what feels like forever, I knew that Dave & I had stories to tell - for us though, it was just the method which needed transformation. And we have worked it all out....

We will be ready to launch Tenebrous Tales & Fabrications at the October Whitby Goth Festival  (27, 28 & 29 October)  but only if we can raise the funds to be there!

Our New Years' resolution was that we were going to start sharing stories and mysteries, but in a completely different way from all the conventional methods - to wit.... We are telling them using a subscription box model - each cycle is currently expected to be 6 episodes.  Our first offering , The Fifth Son, is entirely original, delicately constructed & handsomely devised to immerse the fortuitous recipient in the story which unfolds. It speaks of a deep Egyptian mystery of mysteries.  6 Boxes arrive (one per month) to the lucky recipient from the year 1912 & each reveal something more of the story. Each includes artefacts, cryptic messages & clues &/or maps requiring unravelling. We invite the recipient to walk the desert sands with us and trip down the rabbit hole. The goal is immersion. We want to share these with every story fanatic! They are designed to be so much more than an adventure. We borrow from existing mythology, fiction & tropes, but each cycle remains original & are all delivered to your specified address using a subscription box model. The first episode of our first cycle, for example, contains a letter from 1912 Egypt, pages of a famous explorer's journal (1873) with strange comments and cryptographs, a newspaper from the time of the famous explorer, and a couple of other ephemerae & artifacts items which are designed to evoke the feeling & sense of the era and setting.


I can't give too much away but trust me when I say this is very different, and also, we know, very special.  The devil has very much been in the details.  Every effort has been made to present compelling & beautiful boxes that titillate the senses & excite the mind.

Please note:  Tenebrous Tales & Fabrications narratives are currently aimed at an adult audience (soon a Teen & young adult cycle will be ready to go) and may include details of dark & supernatural themes. Sometimes the good guys fail and die.  Sometimes, the bad guys win. These are experiences best avoided by those of a nervous disposition!

We have plans to produce:-
The Fifth Son - Adult, Egypt at the turn of the century
*TBA - Teenager & young adult, Dystopian Future
*TBA - Adult, Victorian London
*TBA - Adult, WW1
*TBA - Adult Wild West
*TBA - Age 8 to 13

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