Latvian national library..books.System engineering

by Alex Haskins 2 in Riga, , Latvia

Latvian national library..books.System engineering
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Systems engineering books. For latvian national library. (Or just the books!). Promote discipline here. Aid progress.

by Alex Haskins 2 in Riga, , Latvia

Systems engineering is in my humble opinion without any doubt the future .
And mathematics.

In latvia. We have excellent coders. ....however maths and systems are very important too.

There is room for further growth

Now...the LNB latvian national library. Really must expand these two sections.

There is massive potential here.

About me...

I have been in my colourful history in many unversities of engineering in UK.

I have studied.
System engineering.Mechanical engineering. Electronic and electrical Engineering. Product design.

At prestigious universities.

In my mind. Systems engineering is without any doubt the future. Things are getting massively complicated. We must model machines for failure using external environmental parameters. You could model anything. Frankly even human things!

Even in the UK. ..they'res no adoption of SE.

The words are big . The sentances are immensely complicated. Only a senior engineer will understand. But some people are capable of high growth. The books just need it written in the right language. Some people take to it like ducks to water. Some people are born natural engineers. They shouldnt be pointed in the direction of basic circuit theory .etc

Project management  must be done with scientific approach.

In this library. There seems to be a single book. They dont have checkland . Peter


Systems thinking systems practice  

Maybe just maybe. You might sell some tickets for your uni courses. So wouldnt it be an investment . What do books cost.

There is nothing online on SE.

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