Latex & Roses

Student sketch group to put on an hour of unapologetic satirical sketches reflecting society to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

We did it!

On 18th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £825 of £800 target with 10 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

We are using Crowdfunder as a way of raising the bulk of our budget, however we will continue fundraising depending on the response from this campaign. After the campaign ends we still have another month to raise the amount we need for room rental, flyers, posters and insurance. However, if we exceed the £800 on this campaign we will then try to raise the full amount for the Fringe.


£1700 - Room Rental

£175 - Insurance

£75 - Flyers & Posters

All other normal Fringe expenses such as accommodation is exempt as we already live in Edinburgh.

Project Aim

Student sketch group to put on an hour of unapologetic satirical sketches reflecting society to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

About the project

"Unapologetic satirical sketches performed by QMU ComSoc, a group who blended together would create the ethnicity of off-white. In an industry where comedy tries to appease the general public – they missed the memo."

Hello! We are QMU ComSoc, a comedy society from Queen Margaret University, who have proven to be naturally proficient in the field of sketch comedy after being founded in September 2013. Our group has given a platform for young aspiring comedians; encouraging them to hone their performing skills, build personal confidence and hone their own unique voice.



This year we are taking our group to the Fringe to put on an accomplished and well written satirical sketch show to reflect society we live in today from the perspective of young students from Scotland, England, France, Finland and Bulgaria. We have come together from all different cultures and backgrounds to create a group comfortable with each other and confident enough to put themselves out there.


The cast will include Andrew Sim, James Hughes, Emma Lynne Harley, Oliver Giggins, Annu Valtonen, Samantha Reid, Johnny Cameron, Cameron Grounds, Debi Pirie and Paul Dobie. Each performance will be a combination of five performers from the QMU ComSoc cast. This gives a larger amount of performers the chance to show their brilliance to the people at the Edinburgh Fringe. Additionally we will have the wonderful Connor Borthwick writing and directing certain aspects of the show with his supreme funniness. Nik Boyadgiev will be writing unusual concepts and scripts for Latex & Roses even though he'll be in Bulgaria for the summer! Our technical support will be given to us from our ex-QMU student and lover Craig Black, who has been a star in so many ways. Production manager Jasmine Law will be keeping us in check and saving our skin as she always has for this production. Our designs have been fantastically crafted by Matt Christie and finally our videos and photos will be taken by the wonderfully talented Rhona Shennan to back up our creative juices.


Throughout our rehearsal process we will be implementing a series of performance techniques, mostly originating from Jacque Lecoq's clown and bouffon, to delve deeper into the recognisable characters we can so easily mock within society. This complete awareness of the theatrical potential of comedy reflecting the absurd system we live in comes from the members of the cast being students of drama and acting. This difference between them and any ordinary student production makes Latex & Roses a worthwhile show to see and donate to.


£1700 - Room Rental

£175 - Insurance

£75 - Flyers & Posters

Accommodation expenses are exempt as we already live in Edinburgh.


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