Latent - Textile Artist Degree Show

Latent - Textile Artist Degree Show

I am looking to fund my texiles degree exhibition including the publication of a printed guide and marketing material.

We did it!

On 10th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £795 of £500 target with 27 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

If I raise more than my initial target I will put it towards a printed publication rather than a leaflet and refreshments at the Private View on 13th January.

Latent will be an exhibition of work that is the culmination of my textiles degree with The Open College of the Arts.

An exhibition to show my work is not a requirement for my course but it is so important to me for several reasons. It allows me to work towards something real, making me consider my work within a real environment, in a professional way.  It also allows me to show that I have considered other aspects, such as marketing and raising money to fund a project. All help me to show my ability to work in a complete context not just my ability to create work.

Any funding raised will be used to pay for the hire of the venue as well as the printing costs to produce a professional leaflet and marketing materials. It will also allow me to buy refreshments for the private view on January 13th 2017.

The exhibition will be held at St Pancras Crypt Gallery in London over two days in January 2017. My work will then be assessed at my college for my final mark in March 2017.

My work itself explores themes of memory in death, how our memories change when we loose a loved one, but also how memories are indelibly left behind within items, possessions that were once owned. Even our bones retain evidence and a memory of our individuality. New advances in forensics and DNA testing has enabled the identification of individuals, my research has expanded to explore and research individuality within mass graves. 

My textiles learning log is available here. This explains the thought processes around the body of work that will be part of the exhibition.

Using impressions left within material I have explored these themes, this 'Latent' memory is made visible but changed from the original.

In exchange for financial support I am offering limited edition artwork that will be exhibited as part of the exhibition itself.

More details are available here...

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