Last family holiday

by Caroline in Widnes, England, United Kingdom

Last family holiday


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I want to raise money so I can take my children on a well deserved holiday of a lifetime.

by Caroline in Widnes, England, United Kingdom

I’ve worked full time since the age of 15 (I’m now 35) I’ve struggled financially for many years, and our last family holiday was in 2008 which turned into a nightmare. We had two bereavements within 3 days of arriving to our destination and or holiday had to be cut short.

In 2018, I decided that I would take my children on once in a lifetime holiday which I booked for August 2019 before my eldest gets to the point he doesn’t want to travel with his younger brother & sister. I paid a £1000 deposit over several months, and I’ve now found myself in a position where I can’t afford to pay the balance.

As a mother I feel like a failure, and I have let my children down massively.  My children are always asking me why we can’t do things that other families do and it’s really getting us all down and they are looking forward to there holiday.

I haven’t told them that I can’t afford to pay the balance and also loose the £1000 I’d already paid. It would break their hearts.

Please, if there’s anyone out there willing to help please can you provide a donation so I can make my children happy for once in their lives. They’ve been through so much over the years and I want them to be happy and have a break from all the commotions that they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Thank you

From a desperate mother 

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