last ditch efforts

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last ditch efforts


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Initially to get myself out of crushing debt, then to assist others in need.

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I hate to admit it, but circumstance has got the better of me.  I've worked in some horrendous conditions over the last few years working with migrant rescues etc and although at the time I didn't think it was affecting me, I realise now that it was.  Seeing hundred of children without and many dead, it made me irresponsible back home on leave and unable to male rational decisions about spoiling my own children. 

 Of course, that has it's toll. I'm facing actions on all fronts just unable to keep up with payments. I know it's not anyone else's fault and I understand that I need to man up and get it sorted. I've been trying. Every step forward seems to be thwarted by  one or two back. I've tried to get second and third jobs but nothing is paying off. 

 The general public is amazing though. You, out there, could help me get back on track and self sufficient. I intend to clear my debts with any money donated and then, use any extra to assist others who may be in the same heart-breaking position.  

 I'm able to afford my lifestyle on my wage, but add the payments to all the debts,, with the knock-on bank charges, added fees, interest etc, it becomes a black wall of hopelessness. 

 Are you able to help? Could you spare a few pounds to help me get mine and my families life back together? I'd be so so grateful and repay the gesture in time by doing the same for others.

Thank you so much reading.