Laroma Therapies

Laroma Therapies

We are going into business husband and wife we are raising to build 4 treatment room for our health and well being business.

We did it!

On 4th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £3,315 of £3,000 target with 47 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

We are expanding our business as husband and wife opening a new premises in Worthing providing complementary health treatments. After a lot of hard work and high demand we are ready to expand our business Laroma.

Given the name by my clients 'magic hands' and the large number of 5 star reviews i know its a need to take the next step. We are expanding Laroma so we can help many more clients and give a place of peace and relaxation our town would highly benifit from. Its not just our business but a very personal service because of our connection and dedication as husband and wife.

We cant wait for this journey please see our reviews on our website and see our profile for more information about how were got here.





We are a small buiness and the expense is tough for us so with the crowd funding help, we are building 3 extra rooms £2600 at the new premisis.

 (1 already in place) we want to offer these rooms to be availible for other therapists, so we bring many different complementary health treatments, to all work together to provide a wonderful health and well being healing centre.


£400 remaining will go towards, massage couches and storage units for out rooms.



About the project

Laroma Therapies will provide a comfortable and calming atmosphere where customers will be able to relax both their mind and body reconnecting their daily lives to their true purpose through complementary health treatments.


Laroma Therapies will be a destination where clients can come and escape the stresses of daily life and rejuvenate their energies, souls and well being.

Our goal is to deliver the best treatments both mentally and physically and be a dependable company our clients rely on.

Each visit to Laroma clients will experience unique luxury and tailored treatment to all individual needs.

Our value is to bring a unique mode of relaxation. When people are relaxed, comfortable and happy, they work harder,laugh more and have overall better physical and mental health. Here at Laroma we want to bring happiness into out clients lives, workplaces and community.


We are overwhelmed by all the support and help we have had from businesses, the community, our customers and friends and family.

Wickes ,B&Q, Co-Op, Tesco, Iceland, Dulux,Ellisons and many more businesses have all come on board already to support us. We are starting our work in September ready for our opening Day December 5th 2015.

On our opening day we plan to have the Worthing Mayor to open our shop with lots of celebrations, drinks and nibbles for all to enjoy.


Thank you for helping us with our journey we have lots of rewards for your kind help.

Lauren and Alex


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Business Facebook page- Laroma Worthing








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