Larkfield Children's Centre Fence for Vandals

Larkfield Children's Centre Fence for Vandals

I am trying to raise funds to pay for a 6ft fence around the perimeter of the play area at my Daughters nursery to stop it being vandalised.

We did it!

On 4th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £40 with 3 supporters in 56 days

All 3 of my children have went to this nursery and it is a brilliant place for them to grow and learn. Over recent years, their garden has been randomly getting vandalised and all the work that the children and staff do has been ruined so you can imagine how sad and upset it makes the children, parents and staff. Over recent weeks, the vandalism is getting worse and the playhouse that they recently got has been totally destroyed. Our local council refuse to fund putting up a fence so that's why I am trying to raise the funds on here. As you can imaging this is soul destroying for the staff having to go to work every morning and trying to clear up the mess before the children arrive.

Please can you spare some money to help them? It would be lovely for them to have a beautiful garden and all their toys out on display. The garden won't only be pretty but it is a brilliant learning tool for them too.

This would mean the world to the children if their garden and play area was secure as just now they can't get outside to play because of all the broken bits that are a hazard every morning.

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