Largest Independent UK Clothing Platform

by Darryl Gray in London, England, United Kingdom

Largest Independent UK Clothing Platform


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We have estimated there to be around 50,000 UK clothing companies that are currently operating. The problem is 95% of them can't be found.

by Darryl Gray in London, England, United Kingdom

With a background in Computer Science and B2B Sales, I always wanted to start my own business which would incorporate my three biggest Interests - The third being fashion. 

When the first lockdown happened in early 2020 I was furloughed along with millions of others and found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands. As I cycled endlessly through Social Media platforms I realised that there were a lot of UK Independent clothing brands popping up on my timeline.


I had never seen these companies previously and realised that the majority of them actually had some really nice products. I started to do some research into marketplaces and realised that a large amount of these brands weren't actually signed up to any marketplaces and that there was a gap to help them market there brand to a much wider audience.

Together with my partner we decided to quit our full time jobs and get to work creating a platform which could potentially expose millions of new customers to these amazing brands.


Since May 2020 we have grown into a team of 4 members with an office/studio located in Wandsworth.

We now have over 105 brands with over a thousand products on an annual subscription with us and that number is climbing everyday. We have achieved all of this through the pandemic with only personal funds invested.


The reason we are growing a such a rapid rate is because of the service we offer our clients - When brands join us they benefit from massive exposure, Increased sales, Free photoshoots with Top UK Models, Influencer and celebrity access and a lot more.


Our aim is simple, we want to help as many independent brands to gain exposure through the platform. This helps the consumer at the same time as they are given a lot more choice of products with a lot more affordable rates then some of the bigger brands.

Currently on average you need 100 people to visit your website for only one person to make a purchase, It also takes 9 visits on average for that one customer to make a purchase. Independent brands just cannot afford to market there brands successfully for enough people to make purchases for it to be viable.


By not investing into these companies we only hinder ourselves when it comes to retail purchases and a lack of choice in the market!

We hope to reach our target and create equal opportunities for these brands to showcase there talents to the wider public.


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BTS - With Celebrity photoshoots

Meet with top celebrities when we have photoshoots with them. We currently work with a number of A-List celebrities and Artists to help promote the brand. You will be given a day to come down and meet with them.

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