Authentic spanish cuisine in South Wales

by Lara Roguez in Aberkenfig, Wales, United Kingdom

Authentic spanish cuisine in South Wales
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Spanish chef looking to open something new and amazing in South Wales. Michellin stars background will be a big innovation in the area!

by Lara Roguez in Aberkenfig, Wales, United Kingdom

After many years working around the world , whit an Michellin stars background and actually working as headchef in a luxury 5 stars hotel in Spanish. I am looking to move back to Wales whit an increible idea of real 5* spanish cuisine. 

The spanish food in the UK usually are just for turist but I want more and I am looking to bring to Wales authentic Spanish cuisine, whit good prices for everyone and amazing flavours. Will be different to everyone you know. I was living in Aberkenfig few time ago and now a big restaurant is available and perfect for this project. I just need some help to start!!! Join me!!


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£15 or more

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Recepies ebook

Recepies ebook

£34 or more

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Signed recepies book

Include shipping to UK

£40 or more

Tasting menu for one

Tasting menu for one when the restaurant open. Reservation needed Aperitive First Second Dessert

£75 or more

Tasting menu for two

Tasting menu for two. Reservation needed.

£99 or more

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Spanish cuisine class in a small group

Spanish high cuisine class whit the chef for 1 in a small group whit degustation and including food and drinks. Different dates availables.

£130 or more

Deluxe tasting menu for two

Deluxe tasting menu for two. Reservation needed 5 tasting dishes and dessert

£199 or more

Extradeluxe tasting menu for two

Extra deluxe tasting menu for two. Reservation needed. 8 tasting and amazing dishes and desserts degustation

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Private dinner for two whit the chef

Private dinner for two in the chef table serving by the chef and including 6 degustation dishes and dessert degustation. More one recepies book signed by the chef

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Party dinner for max 10 people

Party dinner for max 10 people whit a dishes degustation in a private area only for the group. Include photo and menu drinks.

£950 or more

Especial dinner whit the restaurant close 2 pax

You can choose what you want for dinner and have a special dinner whit that people in a vlose restaurant only for you that night. Include flowers, music, photo and a signed recepies book.

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Food for two 1 time per month

Different tasting menu every month!! One per month for two people in 1 year.

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Silver customer

One deluxe dinner or lunch per month for 2 in the chef table during 12 months and 0,5% of the benefits for 8 months after 3 months of opening

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Gold customer

1 extradeluxe dinner or lunch per month for a year in the chef table and 1 % of the benefits for 24 months starting 2 months after open.

£110,000 or more

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Gold Partner

1 meal per month in the restaurant for 2 whit a tasting menu during 1 years including the drinks including in the menu. 5% of the benefits during 6 years. Can be a very good profit !!! Starting in the third month after opening

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