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This project is to raise funding so we can supply children in poor backgrounds with the means to connect to online education through laptops

by Nick Reynolds in Goldsithney, England, United Kingdom

So a few weeks ago me and my partner had a meeting with our sons school, our son has DCD (Developmental coordination disorder). So his education suffers and he struggles using a pen or pencil. Anyway the best substitute for this would be if he used a laptop for school schoolwork. 

Well long story short, we found out that the funding for computers had been cut and its extremely hard to get funding through other charities unless you full in to a certain category.
So this got me thinking, there's a lot of other children from all walks of life who are losing out and  getting behind with their education during the lockdowns, and we don't know if this is going to become the new normal for us.

I have always believed our children are the future of this planet and if they are missing education then how can they learn create a better world for themselves?

So my idea is to rise funds to supply schools with a computer bank, by which I mean schools can then have a surplus of laptops that they can lend out to those children that really need them.
It doesn't have to be just for education but also keeping in touch with friends and family.     

All we need now is for all you lovely people to support our cause and helps us raise funds. I have already started by trying to refurbish old donated laptops to try and resell but its a very slow progress.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I've not done a crowd funder before but I hope I have got the point across of what I'm trying to do for the community          

Let's make 'Laptops 4 Kidz' happen

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