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hi hoping to raise money to purchase a laplet/laptop for my dyslexic son.

by laplet/tablet needed in Swinton, Greater Manchester, England

hi all im a disabled single parent of a fabulous 12 year old son.

I now have to work part time due to my disabilities, Fibromyalgia, M.E, Arthritis, Aortic Valve Disorder to name just a few.

These disabilities have become life changing and I have had to make massive changes and make some hard decisions. Having to no longer be able to manage working full time i made the decision to go part time to say this has been easy would be a lie. Finances halved and bills staying the same. My lifestyle now is nothing like it was.

My son has not only have to watch his mum struggle and be in pain on a daily basis but has had to go without alot of things he was used to having before.

Saying that he has become a godsend to me and will make someone a cracking husband! Trust me there will be no pink socks coming out of the washing machine, he knows all about sorting colours. He is also be coming an impressive cook!

I feel so bad that I can't do the things I used to and guilty that as a 12 year old child he has to undertake some adult tasks.

My boy us finding high school challenging he has elements of dyslexia however as he hasn't the full diagnosis as he only has elements school cannot fund the equipment he needs that would make things so much better for him.

My son is very clever and has wonderful ideas and answer but struggles to then get them down on paper.

I would love to surprise him with a laplet/laptop with specialised programs installed such as naturally speaking software, so his thoughts and ideas he can talk about and appear on his screen. Hopefully this will enable him to keep up with the work, do the homework and be less frustrated that he can't get his ideas across. Be the best he can be and meet all of his aspirations.