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by Lantern in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


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The aim of this project is to establish as a Charity that supports people with issues caused by grief and bereavement.

by Lantern in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

What is Lantern?
Unresolved grief can have an adverse effect on our mental health, and many people are left with nowhere to turn at a time when they require emotional support. Dealing with grief can be a complicated process and Lantern will provide support with a free-to-use platform that encourages us to remember those people who have died by marking a special moment on our ’map of memories’.

This crowdfund aims to establish Lantern as a bereavement support charity. We are currently crowdfunding and aim to take our beta site - - and further develop it. You can read more about the plans for Lantern as a Charity here.

Our Mission
Our mission at Lantern is to provide a solution that is an innovative, comforting and complimentary way of considering grief and bereavement, issues that remain unresolved for many in society. We want to develop a community that seeks to remove the conversational barriers and stigma that exists around bereavement. We will encourage conversation and get the community to share their thoughts and approaches around the subject of bereavement. In doing so we will provide access to the services that can assist with the grieving process.We want to ensure anyone struggling with grief can turn to the platform for assistance.

Become a founder member of Lantern
This crowdfund  offers you the exclusive opportunity to become a founder member of Lantern. No matter the amount you choose to donate, you will receive a unique Lantern ‘founder number’ identifying you not only as a supporter of Lantern, but as someone instrumental in its goal of becoming a fully-fledged Charity. Your contribution will be empowering a movement that can positively change the way we approach grief.

We have a variety of approaches to recognise founder members on the platform, which are described in detail the rewards area on this page. 

What are the goals of Lantern?
Lantern will establish itself as a modern web platform to connect people with an easily accessible source of bereavement advice, which also allows them to share their experiences and remember loved ones.

Provide access through funding to private bereavement therapy to those that need it most. In some cases, people may have to wait 12 months to receive access to vital counselling. 

Establish a scholarship programme, to train more bereavement counsellors to gradually improve the access to vital professionals. 


The first phase of our business plan predicts a surplus of £127,000, which will be provide 2,540 hours of bereavement counselling.

The thinking behind Lantern

Why is this important?
Suppressing grief is detrimental to our mental health. People are left with nowhere to turn to at a time when they require emotional support. We want to use the memories created online to signal an awareness of issues faced in dealing with grief and bereavement, whilst enabling people  a way  to acknowledge the death of a loved one.

We will create an online bereavement forum - the ‘Million Memories Club’ – a place to share thoughts and feelings with others who may have had similar experiences.

Read a more detailed presentation about Lantern here. And the results of a short market research survey here.

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