We bring the school to your home - learn easy and efficiently

We bring the school to your home - learn easy and efficiently

We have created an online language learning platform and want to advertise it, give the people this wonderful option, as it is cheap and highly effective. We need funds to be able to advertise our platform

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In today's world we all know how important speaking a foreign language is. Doesn't matter if it is for business, travel or simply pleasure. 

With this project I can make language learning more affordable, more efficient and easier for everyone who has broadband connection and a microphone.

The online language platform is already working and people have been using it for a year now, however, in order to gain more popularity we need more advertising, so we can reach more people. No matter how good your business is if you do not advertise it and if people do not know about it all efforts have been in vain.

This project is very simple, we have the technology, we have the experience and knowledge - we need advertisement. If we can raise some funds, we can advertise this cheap and efficient online language learning platform so people can start signing up for all kinds of different courses - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian....You have a non-stop live audio connection with your teacher and the other people from the course, all that in the comfort of your own home, while travelling or from your office.

Anyone could benefit from this method – you can sign up today and improve your qualifications easily, may be you have to travel soon or you have a business meeting with foreigners, it would never hurt to be able to say at least a few sentences in their native language, to create a stronger bond – to break the ice. Another great benefit in my opinion is that a lot of immigrants who live and work in the UK do not speak English very well and they cannot afford the pricey courses, but they will be able to afford these. There are so many foreigners around us, servicing us, working with us – across us, wouldn’t it be so much better if their English was good?

Every little helps.

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