by Editor, in Nottingham, , United Kingdom
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To provide Land Rover news in a magazine to owners and fans for free. The website holds the PDF files for downloads or reading on the site..

by Editor, in Nottingham, , United Kingdom

Regular Donations: After you have completed your donation you will be able to set-up a regular donation arrangement to continue supporting this great cause.

Using press releases from the manufacturer and other sources and paste up a 28 page magazine for each issue (released every two months). High res photos are also used from these press releases. The overheads are all from the costs of the site, and any extras, so far I have ran three small Facebook adverts.

I now find that I'm in a real struggle to promote the site any further, as next year the site fee's will be due again and larger than I paid upfront for the first and second years. I'm single (working daughter lives with me) so I never have any spare cash to fund what I'd like to do with

Any funds coming in will be used to promote / advertise my site, a larger readership is needed to attract advertisers. The lack of funds is holding this back and stopping growth.

Having managed to fund the site this far and I'd hate to see it die after all the hard work I've put into it, including building the site from scratch (something I have never done before). I would be great to be able to afford a professional Web Master  to improve the site to a better standard than it currently is. But as it stands there is no chance of that. changes are regally made to try to keep my site fresh, like adding/swopping the wording or photos etc. This also applies to the Facebook page too.

Please ask if you have any questions/need to know more, I feel my site and magazine fills a large gap in the car media, Land Rover's all the more so. No one else offers a free to read news magazine and a website for this massive world wide interest. There is no registration, no joining, no memberships of any kind, just a free magazine every two months.

Thanks for reading my drivel.

Roger Spencer, 


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