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Creating a Community Garden

by Keith Green in Ashington, England, United Kingdom

Creating a Community Garden
We did it
On 22nd April 2020 we successfully raised £953 with 31 supporters in 49 days

To create a Community Garden, so elderly people can sit and socialise in a safe, secure area, giving them the freedom to run it as they wish

by Keith Green in Ashington, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If extra money is raised, we'll purchase more equipment, like tools and compost, and we'll be able to kit out the shed and greenhouse with shelving.

We'll also be able to invest in higher quality plants and shrubs.

Trustees at AVAEI are committed to giving elderly people first-class leisure facilities in a secure, safe and modern environment. We want them to have the opportunity to meet and socialise through a range of activities, both indoor and outdoor.

But what an eye-sore of a garden we've got at the minute!!

We want to create a garden to be proud of, and share it with the community. It's well on the way, as you can see below. We've now got planters, seats, benches, and a shed in place with a greenhouse going in soon. Money raised from the Aviva fund will go towards the final stages when we get planting, creating the colour to finish it off. We need shrubs, flowers, plants, small trees, climbers, and bird feeders, compost and tools.

This exciting landscaping project will be the completion of what has been a busy two years at the institute. Thanks to other funding we've secured, we've totally transformed the interior with a range of projects completed to high standards......

.......... but our exterior was an eye-sore we were determined to put right.

The landscaped garden will provide a safe seating and meeting area with planters, trees, bird feeding stations, a shed and a greenhouse for members and visitors to manage and enjoy. It is now surrounded by a newly-erected 6' fence, ensuring privacy and security.

We want users to get involved with a hands-on approach, and eventually give them ownership to how it is run and how it looks by forming a sub-group. It will indeed be their own space to manage themselves, with only minimal input from ourselves.

You'll see from the above images we've already come a long way, and just need the finishing touches now.

Money raised will allow us to purchase more seats, planters,  and especially plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. All required to make this space an area of beauty and practicality. We want to purchase high - quality equipment that befits what we've achieved inside, and secure funding to add items once popularity increases. 

We especially want to involve disabled and infirm people, and hope very much to involve people from these groups at the planning stage. We've designed the area to reflect that.

We already welcome visitors from Care Homes once a week, and we intend to hold our meetings and get-togethers with them outside in this area during the warmer weather. 

Barchester Care Homes in Meadow Park, Bedlington and Woodhorn Park, Ashington love coming to meet us every Friday. They enjoy a game of bingo, or dominoes, have a chat and their buffet lunch and are now valued users, and very popular with the membership.

We now have colleagues from Newcastle Building Society coming along to help, which is an example of trying to form links with other organisations who have similar objective our own own.

We know our members, visitors and shared users would get so much from a newly-formed garden area.


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