Land Purchase Fund

Land Purchase Fund

To buy land and obtain planning permission and sell with planning permission

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The photo is from a past project where planning approval was obtained for a client and the build is well under way.

 I am aiming to raise funds to start my own property development business but without any money or any chance of the bank lending me any money I am a bit stuck. I've been working for myself for 6 years now but my line of work is a bit hit and miss. Feel as if i could progress into other areas if i had some capital to help behind me. I don't have the luxury of help from the bank.

 I studied one of the hardest courses at university, Architecture for 5 years and I have struggled to find work ever since I finished the course. With the help of crowd funding I am hoping to finally get somewhere and do what I love and make some money whilst doing it.

 My plan is to initially buy plots or parcels of land and obtain planning permission for them and then re-sell the land with planning permission for a profit. At a later stage I would like to progress onto buying a property to renovate and sell.