Giant Straw Pyramid for Kids & CancerCare

Giant Straw Pyramid for Kids & CancerCare

Build giant straw bale pyramid for kids to use before/after the obstacle course race on Aug 29. Bales sold with all proceeds to Cancer Care!

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Project aim / About

At the Bad*** Mucker Jr event on August 29th we aim to build a giant straw bale pyramid for kids in the community to use for free. Rather than being part of the obstacle course, the pyramid will be available for the kids to play on throughout the day. After the event, bales will be offered to the local farming community with all proceeds donated to CancerCare.

We will spend every penny raised on straw bales. Our target will purchase a truck and trailer load of large hesston straw bales and have them assembled. Procceeds from the sale of bales after the event go to CancerCare. 

If we don't raise the full amount and are unable to make the North West's biggest straw pyramid as planned, we'll spend any funds raised on extra straw bale climbs for the course, and donate bale sales to CancerCare.

About the project

We have teamed up with CancerCare for this event to help promote awareness about their CHILDREN AND YOUNG PERSONS SERVICE. Please take the time to read about the services offered, and tell others in the community who might benefit from them. Thank you.


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