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Chris Coates for MP

We did it!

On 1st Apr 2015 we successfully raised £500 of £500 target with 23 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

A huge thank you to everyone who has pledged to our crowdfunder!We only have 3 days left to go and we've stretched our target a little - if you would still like to pledge, we will use any money raised to ensure that the campaign is even more effective, so don't hesitate if you've been thinking of supporting us - we need all of you!Thanks again,

Chris and the Lancaster & Fleetwood teamNorth Lancashire Green Party

Local Councillor Chris Coates is our prospective parliamentarty candidate for Lancaster & Fleetwood.  For the last twelve years he has worked hard fighting for the needs of the local community in this area.  He can make sure that the issues you care about, and that others won't raise, are talked about in this general election.

Why we need your help

Unlike other political parties, the Green Party do not rely on contributions from large corporations - we prefer to be accountable to our membership and supporters, standing true to our principles and policies - this means we are free to truly represent the needs of ordinary people.

To ensure more voters hear about the Green Party message of the need for real change, to build a society that works for the common good, within the environmental limits of one planet, we need your help.

What we need is for you to make any contribution you can - if you can afford a pound, that's great, if you can afford more that's great too!  Please pledge whatever you can to give our local community a real choice in their future direction, and help us spread the word to encourage others.

What will we do with the money raised

We want to give voters the opportunity for a fairer, more prosperous, more democratic Lancaster & Fleetwood, with your help we will be able to raise enough money to produce materials to campaign, to deliver a leaflet from Chris to every voter in the constituency.

Other ways you can help

If you are not able to contribute financially, you can still help in the following ways:

  • tell your friends or share this page on social media
  • follow Chris on facebook
  • join the North Lancs Green Party here
  • volunteer for the campaign

Finally, don't forget, your vote counts on May 7th!


Chris Coates & North Lancs Green Party

Donations over £50 need to be accounted for to the Electoral Commission, so please provide your full name and address if you are donating over this amount, otherwise we will have to return your donation.Promoted by Andrew Brennand and on behalf of The North Lancashire Green Party at 49 Wingate Saul Rd, Lancaster, LA1 5DW

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