Lancashire Fuelled Poetry

by Dr Sarah Norgate in Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Lancashire Fuelled Poetry


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To create a poetry booklet about Lancashire’s destinations to boost smiles, local connection and interest from future trippers.

by Dr Sarah Norgate in Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Vitally, poems about Lancashire attractions will create new opportunities to inspire future visitors to experience Lancashire destinations, assets, and services.  Specifically, the idea is that conversations with visitor economy stakeholders about how QR coding each poem could potentially promote the digital visitor economy in Lancashire. This will inspire future trippers - especially families – to spot Lancashire’s hidden treasures and plan any future trips to Lancashire destinations.  In this way, the arts is strengthening the digital visitor economy.

Lancashire Fuelled Poetry


Words stir change. I’m in awe of how poems can feed feelings, and, also what they can do for people's hearts and community. And now we are in recovery from the pandemic, our communities in Lancashire are strengthening connections in communities. Creating a poetry collection about favourite Lancashire destinations, assets, and services, will not only will raise smiles, and connection with Lancashire’s culture, wellbeing, heritage, and creativity, but will also enable new opportunities for visitor economy leaders to engage potential future trippers.

The project’s use of poetry to ignite shared joy about Lancashire’s top attractions is exciting at a time when the ambition of Lancashire 2025, a vision of Lancaster UK City of Culture (as well as Eden Project North UK), sits in the wings. In the words of Lubaina Himid CBE, Turner Prize Winner “Lancashire is a hidden gem, we simply need to get it out of the jewellery box and wear it.” 

Who would be involved?

In the last month, businesses who have read my own short poems about their heritage, sustainability or other story angles have engaged positively on twitter. I am currently based in Lancashire, as a published author.

Any support and time you may have in identifying Lancashire wide ‘treasures’ (be it a much-loved destination, family favourite visitor attraction, asset or service) would be appreciated. Please feel free to leave a comment on this site. Any other ideas of ways to strengthen the project would also be welcome. 

Where will the poetry be shared?

The poetry booklet will be distributed to those communities where an attraction, destination, asset, or service has featured in the booklet.  This would also likely involve business sector and visitor economy stakeholders. 

Any and every contribution is hugely appreciated. Your generous spirit will directly connect to the impact of the poems.   


Lancashire 2025: A Vision for UK City of Culture



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