LAN Gaming Centre! Gaming Community

LAN Gaming Centre! Gaming Community

This project is to launch a LAN Gaming franchise , the aim is to bring together a gaming community.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This project is to launch a LAN Gaming franchise , the first centre will be based in Chesterfield UK , with the later objective to open more centres around the UK.

The reason behind this project is to create a community , Gaming is becoming increasingly more popular around the world,  and the more popular it becomes the more serious it's being taken , there has been a huge rise in things like E-Sports and World championships with serious prizes , some tournaments pay out millions in prize money and hold their finals in stadiums packed with fans. 

No longer is gaming just a hobby it's becoming a profession , a lot of gamers want to play in tournaments or part of a team but don't know how to get into gaming or just aren't good enough at the top level.

What I want to do is to open a LAN gaming centre where people can come in and game together create a real community , the centre will host gaming tournaments and leagues so people can come together and show off their skills , the centre will have both console and PC, along with some table top gaming.

I want  to create an atmosphere where all feel welcome and all types of gamers wether you want to play world of Warcraft or FIFA ,  I want to create competitive game play alongside creating a team which can play against other LAN Centres. I want to bring people together , some gamers turn to playing games as they struggle to socialise with other people , I want to reach out to these guys and make them feel welcome give them a place they can come and be thereselves and enjoy what they enjoy most. 

The dream starts in Chesterfield but does not stop there , once Chesterfield centre has been launched and running smoothly we want to open the second centre and so on , we want our LAN centres to be situated all over the UK , bringing people together and forming one big community.