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Phase 1 successfully delivered fashion bags with Global GPS tracking for quick recovery after loss or theft. Now we want to evolve phase 2

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Project Aim: Our aim was to deliver men's and women's bags with embedded GPS Tracking Technology to allow the user to recover their bag within minutes of theft or loss anywhere in the world. We have now achieved Phase 1 and launched the project which enables worldwide tracking without roaming costs. Phase 2 is now our target, to improve and update the software and technology and manufacture not only better products but to explore and target the travel cases and accessories market.

Who Are We?

The project has been developed and managed by Sukie Madahar, the Director and Owner of SSJA Group Ltd which is a UK registered start-up company promoting their new brand 'LAMONTE'. We devised a unique tracking product designed so that the user will be able to track their bag anywhere in the world in the event of theft or loss. The technology utilised is a unique solution made up of a combination of GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile networks designed to deliver real-time global location tracking without expensive global roaming costs. The technology has been used as a base to build intelligent Smartphone apps. Having completed our research, developed and tested prototypes, we are now live with the product which is available to buy from our website

LAMONTE’s focus is on producing various styles of each product with a view to having the products fitted with GPS Tracking that will help our customers reunite with personal effects which may be seen as irreplaceable or sentimental but of no value to another person. In essence the customer can track and retrieve their bag anywhere in the world. Designed in London, our bags are handcrafted with environmentally friendly, durable and premium materials, unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail. We want our bags to be influential, innovative and progressive for the everyday demands, reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion and “Making Modern Life Simple” for our customers. 

The device and software driving it differs from the conventional tracking system due to its amalgamation of sensors, data processing and data gathering capability, device control and management and its concealment.  

Key Points That Make This Bag Tracking Device Unique 

  • The multitude of sensors combined with the single aim of recovering and / or locating the bag.
  • The ability to control and manage the device via the user’s APP instead of the normal route of having to log into the internet via a PC, go to a page, then manage and control the device.
  • The 'on-board' data processing ability to collect and process the various sources of information around the device with the single purpose of recovering and / or locating the bag.
  • The design of the board electronics into a flexible printed circuit board that allows the device to be concealed in the bag.
  • Device Sensors
  • Under operation, the device processing unit constantly gathers all available location information from its surroundings comprising of:
  • GPS location (If GPS coverage is available)
  • Wi-Fi service points and Hubs
  • Height from its built in Altimeter
  • Temperature sensors to measure core temperature of device and surroundings
  • Movement, speed and rotation from its built in sensors
  • Magnetic orientation from its built in sensors
  • User proximity from its built in Bluetooth ibeacon.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, the device has been specially designed with an iBeacon - a class of Bluetooth low energy that broadcast their identifier to a nearby device. The technology enables your smartphone to perform actions when in close proximity to an iBeacon using Bluetooth tethering. Whilst Bluetooth is in use, the battery life is enhanced greatly due to the low energy consumption required. The Bluetooth low energy sensor transmits a universally unique identifier or IMEI number picked up by the compatible Lamonte app. This is used to determine the device's physical location, track the bag or trigger a location based action on the device.          

Once the bag has breached its invisible barrier parameter set by the customer on their phone app and has left the range, the device will automatically then switch operation to the GSM / GPS mode which will also be enabled; the device has a 3G module which will enable tracking anywhere in the world once the GPS function has been engaged from Bluetooth settings. Wi-Fi functions will also be utilised on the device in order to search for the missing item by monitoring local Wi-Fi hotspots. A search can be conducted which will pin point each location the bag has been in or currently is in to expedite the search and recovery of the item. 

The device has a built in Altimeter, an instrument used to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level which will ultimately mean the app will give the customer the height in feet at which the bag is at. This shows it to any floor in a building with a degree of accuracy in order to locate and recover it. If the phone is left in the user's bag, this can then be tracked by logging into the website from any smartphone or PC.   

Phase 1 Lamonte App Functionality 

The following functions are provided to our customers through the phone app which are available to download on both the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store                                                                                                                                                    

  • Low battery notification                                                                            
  • Notification for breaching parameter
  • On/off tracking capabilities from phone app
  • Geo-fence settings from phone app
  • Battery saving mode / sleep mode
  • Aeroplane mode
  • Tracking capability on Google maps 

At Lamonte, we believe that our brand represents a symbol of creativity, innovation and integrity, and that our business can represent a better and more responsible future.

With the help of all our supporters, contributors, customers and partners, Lamonte wants to be seen as the most dynamic brand in the market and one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK.  

Economic / Environmental / Social Benefits 

In addition to the direct jobs that the project will create, there are wider jobs created in the economy within the supply chain; logistics companies doing the delivery; contractors undertaking high value IT, design, finance and digital consultancy work etc. There will be significant gain in the economy from saving time lost by employees as they will not have to spend extra time cancelling cards, changing locks, etc secondary crime in the form of identity theft and fraud which are a major crime multiplier resulting from bag theft. It will also give a significant efficiency gain to police forces as they face cuts in numbers. They will save time and resources in terms of reporting which will contribute to the achievement of the required efficiencies from government. 

A major social benefit will come from the police being able to identify, apprehend and bring to justice those offenders and in doing so will not have to perform regular stop and search for suspected persons within a locality. This will no doubt improve the already fragile relations between the community and police, resulting in significant easing of community tensions over such searches with young people. 



Reasons For Crowdfunding

Your backing will help us assist many people who on a daily basis are victims of crime and others who have just lost their bags in recovering their prized belongings. Lost or stolen bags are costing our economy billions of pounds each year. This includes the number of business hours that are lost in replacing items and overcoming the stigma of such incidents. Creating a bag that will also carry a device for tracking the lost item using real time GPS technology will enable the owner to be reunited with their possessions within minutes. Furthermore it will enable and assist Police Services across the world combat what is a growing trend for opportunist criminals. We feel that this project is of strategic importance as it has already put in the market a unique product which we believe will place the UK at the forefront of Smart products in traditional industry. We hope it will provide a global lead in the application of creative and digital media in traditional crime prevention.  

This project is one of the first of its kind to have been developed, tested and ready for production and we want you to be part of our success. Phase 1 was launched in Nov 2017. 

Please do show your support by backing our project and in return for your generous donation we will provide you with one of our great rewards.            

What started 3 years ago with an idea of using wearable technology in fashion bags has now evolved into a defining style for both men and women. Lamonte stands for providing quality and creating an inspiring product, seeing the brand which in time we hope will become the innovator of lifestyle.


With the help of all our valued customers and partners, Lamonte London wants to be seen as the one of the most dynamic brands in the market and one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK. At the beginning we felt sure that there were no boundaries. We are even surer of that today. Transport yourself into the world of Lamonte London and experience the technology keeping your bag where it should be - by your side.

Click on the link below and read our story, published in The London Evening Standard by Mark Blunden 

How Will Your Donation Be Used?

We are now looking for small donations in order to commence Phase 2 of our project. This phase will concentrate on the following aspects 

  • In-built Account Tracking Management System for each customer to ensure they are able to download and review their own data without the need to make requests to us. 
  • Upgrade phone apps and specification to include new functionality for our customers including 'friends/family contact' page where a notification of loss / theft and location can be sent to loved ones.
  • Upgrade servers and software
  • Start research and development for utilising our technology in suitcases so that the world traveller in us will be able to track their luggage along with their bag anywhere in the world.
  • Research and development of affordable children's bags with tracking technology which will give parents peace of mind knowing that their children are safe. 

Your kind donations of £10 will enter you in a draw for one of our Classic premium Leather bags or £20 will enter you in our draw to be the proud owner of one of our GPS enabled bags. The winner will also have a line of bags named after them. *** Please Note - You are not able to use a name that is already a registered brand or trademark and there is no entitlement to royalties or shares for use of that name ***

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our page and for your kind pledge. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.   

Team Lamonte