Lake District 5 Peak Hike

by Courtney Elmes in Windermere, England, United Kingdom

Lake District 5 Peak Hike


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I believe the rise in mental health issues is a spiritual crisis of our times and that all we need is a different outlook on life!

by Courtney Elmes in Windermere, England, United Kingdom

Hello! For those that don’t know me, my name is Courtney and these days I go by Coco. I’m a sensitive soul and a strong one... There’s a part of my journey I’d like to share with you, in the faith that being open about our ordeals helps us to heal. 

THE STORY - One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (book by Ken Kesey)

After my second breakdown at the age of 22 - the first due to a burnout and the second a result of trauma - I was admitted to hospital for 5 weeks under the mental health act. Whilst in need of deep healing, I was put somewhere that did not know and did not have the depth, personal care and understanding needed to handle what I was going through. I saw and addressed many issues during my time there and to this day see an urgent need for a change in approach to the system.

Mind-dulling pills, an assessment from a doctor once a week, cold formal counselling sessions and enclosement in  spaces, far from helps anyone experiencing mental distress.

SEEKING ANOTHER WAY - Defy gravity (book by Caroline Myss)

Having travelled elsewhere in the world recently, I’ve spent time in community where everyone is there to work on their growth, respecting their own journey and holding space to help others along in theirs (THANK YOU LAKE ATITLAN! I'm blessed to know you). Here I experienced methods of healing which I see hold true potential for the wider population in the long run, having gone through some very real and nurturing processes myself there first-hand.

By bringing old-rooted issues up to the surface to recognise with non-avoidance our conditioned and inherited patterns and problems, these methods offer a supportive and encouraging space to work through whatever arises. 

They include:

  • sound healing therapy
  • community sharing circles
  • forest bathing (spending time in nature)
  • energy awareness techniques learnt through breathwork, yoga and tai chi
  • freedom of creative self-expression through the arts – i.e. dance, drawing, poetry
  • massage, aromatherapy and energy work (i.e. Reiki)
  • natural and traditional medicines (such as Cacao)

THE MISSION - The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening (book by Stephen Cope)

On 9th-10th August, I will be taking on the Lake District 5 Peak Challenge towards reaching the summit of Scafell – England’s highest mountain at 978m.

After falling in love with hiking whilst away, I’m very much looking forward to this feat on home turf! Hiking holds a very important aspect of life for me – a metaphor for the ups and the downs, the reaching of highs and lows, alongside the importance of building mental and physical stamina and also putting things into real perspective.

This epic journey is very proudly being taken on behalf anyone who’s ever:

  • been stigmatized or labelled with a mental health disorder
  • has experienced anxiety, panic attacks, breathing problems, an overactive mind, anger tendencies, depression, self-destructiveness, stress, PTSD, addictions…
  • gone through a spiritual crisis
  • felt alone with no one to turn to
  • been subject to a psychological health system that hasn’t helped them
  • spoken up against injustice
  • shown selfless acts of kindness 
  • supported a love one going through a tough time
  • believes there is another way

THE VISION - The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible – (book by Charles Eisenstein)

“We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect”

MIND work with people in and around my area to support those going through difficulty in a healthy way, without discrimination or judgement. They work on the same value I share that mental health should not be shunned or alienated and needs to be approached in a more gentle and caring way.

I intend to work alongside them, raising awareness and holding safe space for people to embrace their healing process, with encouragement to overcome whatever they may be facing.

With support from ambassador (what a guy) Stephen Fry, MIND’s values are:

  • Openness –  we reach out to anyone who needs them
  • Togetherness –  we’re stronger in partnership
  • Responsiveness – we listen, we act
  • Independence – we speak out fearlessly
  • Unstoppability – we never give up

I aim to reach at least £333 to gift to these Angels. 

Your support is very much welcome in any way – a donation, spreading the word, heightening awareness, inspiring action and rooting for the way! All are super appreciated, no matter how big or small. 

With the strong foundation of conscious people such as those who work for MIND charity, I believe we can offer more graceful ways to help people get through the challenges we all experience at one point or another in our lives. 

♥ May we all keep each other in MIND, in true humanKIND spirit ♥

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