Lady Acorn Farm - National Citizen Service

Lady Acorn Farm - National Citizen Service

Aim of our project is to fundraise for Lady Acorn Farm in Nuneaton through fundraising so the farm is accessible for all users

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Team Edwards from the National Citizen Servicee (NCS) are raising money to support Lady Acorn Farm. 

Lady Acorn Farm is a community farm in North Warwickshire that carry out sustainable farming practices to give the animals a healthy and stress free environment to live in. The has a variety of different animals from pigs, sheeps, lambs and much more. The farm is also a place for children and adults with learning disabilities to engage with and learn new skills.

The farm provides a positive experience for children with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder), through the Aim Educational Project, with the purpose of gaining social skills which they would not otherwise gain through being in mainstream schools. Lady Acorn Farm is a calm environment which enables children with ASD to learn.

We would like your support through fundraising so together we can create the opportunities for more children with ASD to visit the farm often. The money contributed will be go towards transport for children to visit the farm, pay for resources to support the children's learning. 

Team Edwards would like to thank you in advance for your time. 

Farm's Website:

NCS is a government-funded initiative that supports community engagement and social integration among young people. It is delivered in Warwickshire by The Challenge and is aimed at 15-17 year olds across the UK. Participants get the chance to develop skills and gain new experiences, while making new friends and contributing to their community.