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Ladies Healthy Cooking Class

by Yemeni Community Association in Eccles, England, United Kingdom

Ladies Healthy Cooking Class
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To establish a weekly ladies only healthy cooking class

by Yemeni Community Association in Eccles, England, United Kingdom

Who we are

The Yemeni Community Association (YCA) serve predominantly the BME population of Salford.  However, our services are also accessed by people from Greater Manchester & the surrounding cities.

What we do

We work with mainly vulnerable & disadvantaged communities & families where our services are vital for them to meet their daily needs.  This is one of the main reasons why Aviva & its voters should vote for us & for our project.

We have many projects currently running, from youth clubs targeting children with anti-social behaviour issues, to English classes for those wanting to interact with society & for social inclusion.  A full list of activities can be found on our website or our Facebook page.

Our Project and its aims

Our ladies healthy cooking project aims to promote a change in lifestyle habits & behaviour by encouraging more people to take part in a healthy activity.

We have a close relationship with our local health improvement team, & we intend to use their expertise in obtaining the best results possible.

Positive outcomes

The project will result in positive changes to the physical & mental wellbeing of its service users.  Building on previous health projects at the YCA such as our fitness classes, it has been observed that users that engage in a sporting activity are more likely to make positive changes to their lifestyles, whether this be in terms of taking up healthier eating, weight loss, ceasing to smoke, reducing alcohol intake, or in combating low mood & depression which in turn on a larger scale will reduce pressure on local health services.

More recently, the YCA's services have attracted refugees & asylum seekers in the local area, many of whom have had trouble adjusting to a new life. All this additional support contributes to the mental wellbeing of local people that are encountering difficulties, whether this be financial or personal. In many cases, local people find they lack support & a sense of belonging, resulting in low mood, substance misuse or depression & anxiety disorders. This project will draw in 'hard to reach' groups that would otherwise remain disengaged if our services weren’t available to access these services, bringing together the local community under one roof- promoting cohesion & building a stronger & more resilient community, one that is founded on respect & understanding, with health acting as the key unifying factor which breaks down barriers.

Additionally, from previous work at the YCA, we found that BME women that took up voluntary work or who engaged with our services were more likely to take up ESOL classes & various other courses, become civically active, access local training available to them, & eventually progress into employment. This overall results in a more positive & healthier outlook.

Our project will attract women of all ages, women from all types of cultures, race, religion & those of protected characteristics.  Our project will be equal for all & will provide opportunities for many including those that may have become socially isolated.  We also intend on targeting those young members who are no longer in education or employment. Engaging in healthy activities will provide a young person experiencing difficulties with a goal, & a focus in improving self-esteem which will open doors to various other opportunities & will promote an increased wellbeing.


To summarise, our project aims to Improve lifestyles for the women & their families, aims to promote community cohesion & a cohesive community, will improve Intergenerational relationships, will increase opportunities, will improve confidence & self-esteem & will overall reduce social isolation.


Sessions will run once a week, for 48 weeks, each session lasting 3 hours.

It will be run by a sessional worker with the help of 3 volunteers.

It will be overall monitored & evaluated by the community development worker, working side by side with the sessional worker, obtaining feedback regularly & making improvements where necessary.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more



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