Lad vs Fence

Lad vs Fence

A project to raise funds to repair some accidental damage I did to garden fences whilst retrieving my shirt - anything left to go to MIND

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Ross Bannatyne and I am a student in Leeds.

About a month ago I travelled down to London to attend an engagement party for one of my best friends at his house in Brixton. 

It was a lovely evening with some nibbles and refreshments and everyone was merrily enjoying themselves.  The evening , however, took a turn for the worse when I inexplicably decided to throw my favourite shirt out of his first floor terraced flat window and into the garden of his downstairs neighbour below. I immediately knew I had made a huge error as we were due to go out and I had no other clothes with me as I was staying elsewhere. I went downstairs to knock on his neighbours door but there was nobody home so I couldn't get through, I sized up the drop and the potential for scaling down the drainpipe out the window but thought this was a bridge too far so I went outside and walked to the end of the road. Unbeknownst to me, fortune wasn't shining it's bright light on this occasion and conspired to make the rescue mission treacherous, several garden fences stood between myself and my button down collar shirt that had seen me through some of the most momentous occasions of my life. "I'm not leaving you behind" not this time.

As I began to try and scale the first fence it became apparent that my jeans were far too tight for this sort of operation so I removed them and left them in a pile with my phone wallet and shoes and refocused on my mission armed with just my boxer shorts and a borrowed t shirt which was more like a crop top on me.

I successfully made it over the first fence unscathed and the next and the next until I was reunited with my beloved shirt - victory! 

However as I began the return leg of my operation things spiralled out of control - I jumped up to hoist myself over a fence but foolishly was clinging on to nothing but the trellis at the top. This, and my world , came crashing down on top of me into a heap. As I fell to the floor I heard some worried noises and confusion coming from inside and so I panicked and in the confusion jumped several fences in the completely wrong direction of safety - managing to inflict some damage to several more fences on my way. As I had embarked the completely wrong direction I realised that I was now trapped in the middle of a huge row of terraced house gardens - a number of people were out in the gardens I had just passed through I had no idea what to do and was beginning to panic about the consequences of my actions so I had no option but to wait in the shrubbery for the inevitable moment when the police would arrive - when I finally heard them I shouted out to let them know my whereabouts and at last the ordeal was over. It was at this point I realised, this may have been a fence too far.

I was taken by the police to some of the houses where I had damaged ther fences and paid out what little money in my wallet and exchanged details with the rest as I agreed to pay for any repairs and right the wrongs of my actions. 


Fast forward a month and I have had the quotes through for repairs to the fences at the 2 properties which are totalling £1200!

Now I want to resolve this matter and get these peoples fences restored to how they were before but as a full time student i simply do not have the money to pay for these repairs so I am hoping that my story might inspire some people to help me out and help get these fences fixed once and for all! 

If we manage to reach and surpass our target then anything else raised will be donated to MIND mental health charity - a cause I have supported in the past through half marathon running.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Rossy B