Labour for a People's Vote

by Mike Buckley in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Labour for a People's Vote
We did it
On 22nd July 2018 we successfully raised £260 with 6 supporters in 28 days

We are campaigning to stop Tory Brexit - to protect jobs, wages and the NHS - and for the election of a radical Labour government.

by Mike Buckley in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

The Tories are making a mess of Brexit. 

Their deal will harm working people and the communities Labour works to represent. Tory Brexit is an attack on our rights, jobs, wages, public services and democracy.

Only a radical Labour government can lead Britain into a fair and socially just relationship with Europe. Working together we can stop Tory Brexit and build a better future for everyone.

We are working with grassroots Labour members all over Britain, and with trade unionists, councillors and MPs to campaign for an alternative to Tory Brexit, a People's Vote on their deal, and the election of a radical Labour government.

Join us to campaign for a People's Vote to fight for jobs, wages and the NHS - and for a socialist Labour government.

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