Labour Friends of Integrity

by Rbrd80 in Colchester, England, United Kingdom

Labour Friends of Integrity
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Labour FOI are a new group with the aim of buying back the Labour Party Leadership and PLP from foreign control.

by Rbrd80 in Colchester, England, United Kingdom

With the current Labour Party leadership and Parliamentary Labour Party members mostly under the paid control of foreign nationalist entities, it is the stated mission of Labour Friends of Integrity, to raise sufficient funds in which to purchase back Labour party parliamentary representatives.

Labour FOI believe parliamentary labour party members should solely represent the interests of the movement they represent, and not accept third party money in any form. 

Labour FOI believes all independent campaign donations to Labour PLP members or candidates to be bribery.

Will you assist Labour FOI in highlighting the corruption inherent in the current PLP, and allow the Labour Party to buy back its policy apparatus from the hands of foreign Nationalist Actors and Human Rights violators?

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