Labour Conference Delegates for The Cotswolds

Labour Conference Delegates for The Cotswolds

To raise funds so that 3 delegates from “The Cotswolds” Constituency Labour Party can attend Conference in September

We did it!

On 11th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £750 with 24 supporters in 28 days

We are three members of The Cotswolds Constituency Labour Party who have been chosen to represent the CLP at this year’s annual conference. 

Hard work and enthusiasm in the constituency led our candidate to second place in the recent general election.  We'd love to attend conference in order to help our party build on this fantastic local achievement but we need help with the cost of accommodation, travel and other expenses.  In addition, our constituency party is very short of funds so any money we collect which is not used for this purpose will go into our general campaign fund.

Thank you for your donations!

We are:

Tom Chapman
I have been Youth Officer of the Costwolds CLP for half a year, previously vice-chair.  I'm delighted to have the opportunity to represent the growing youth wing of the local party at Conference and help build an agenda to help young people across the Cotswolds and the country to overcome problems in housing, education, transport and many more.  I hope to study politics at university next year and build on what I learn and achieve at Conference.

Sarah Jakowska
Whilst I'm proud to have been born and bred in north Yorkshire, I’ve lived in Gloucestershire for 27 years and absolutely love life in the north Cotswolds.  After initially working as a careers adviser in Cheltenham, I’ve worked in secondary education and the hospitality industry before becoming a small business owner seven years ago. These experiences, together with bringing up a family of three children to adulthood have really given me an insight into life in this part of the country.  I have been a passionate Labour supporter since I knew what politics meant and whilst there’s so much to celebrate about life in the Cotswolds there are areas of concern too; childhood poverty is unacceptably high and, for me, accessibility is key; to transport, education, employment and affordable housing.  I see the Labour party conference as a great opportunity to meet members from other rural areas and pool ideas about how Labour can tackle these challenges.

Dittany Morgan
I was Women's Officer of The Cotswolds CLP for one year, was involved in the WASPI campaign, and am currently Vice Chair of the CLP and have been a passionate socialist all my life.  When Jeremy Corbyn was elected and started saying the things that I had been thinking for years it inspired me to join the Labour Party and fight for a Labour Government.

I am a professional musician.  For many years I was sub-principal viola with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, among others, and now teach violin and viola.

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