Labour Against Brexit Campaign Fund

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Labour Against Brexit Campaign Fund
We did it
On 18th September 2018 we successfully raised £1,000 with 53 supporters in 42 days

We're raising funds for campaign materials and events at Labour Conference and beyond as we strive for policy change in our Party.

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sally churchill 9th September 2018

No real socialist could support the far right racist insanity of brexit. If we care about people in the UK brexit must be stopped. Labour's apparent support of brexit is baffling.

PATRICIA HALL 14th August 2018

After 38 years as a member I resigned from the Labour Party, mainly because of its support for Brexit but also because Momentum, Corbyn and the far left have created a hostile environment for anyone who opposes their views. Discussion about Brexit must not be stifled once again as it was last year. Time for the leadership to listen to its members and supporters.

R Holland 13th August 2018

There is nothing democratic in continuing to implement something which was decided on a improperly fought campaign and which has now lost much of its support

aland 9th August 2018

Last year Labour Party subscription. This year subscription saved and spent on this in an effort to make Jeremy do what he pledged and listen to the membership!

Sue Cowan -Jenssen 9th August 2018

Brexit will benefit the few at the expense of the many. Let’s use the Non Brexit bonus to rebuild our NHS and social care. Make the Uk more equal not poorer.

Betul Millward 9th August 2018

Just stop this madness. It has completely divided the country. It's destroying our economy, any hopes to end austerity will be crushed, whether under the current disgusting government or a Labour one. Those who will suffer the most are the poorest. Please end it.

Don Griffith 9th August 2018

Brexit is not in the interests of the majority of people in this country. The aim of Brexit is to avoid EU legislation on tax avoidance and to repeal civil and legal rights that are supported by the EU that are seen as a hindrance to increasing company profits and the wealth of an already wealthy minority. It is not right that any socialist party should support legislation that will leave its membership and the poor and sick in general far worse off than they already are.

bobheyman 8th August 2018

I've made a donation because the battle to get Labour to discuss Brexit openly and honestly at last is crucial to the outcome for our country.

Gillian Vance 8th August 2018

It's vital to get Labour Policy changed to oppose Brexit or at least support a People's Vote. Conference is a huge opportunity. Make a big noise! Thank you and good luck.

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