La Sweepstake 2019

by Sam Foote in Paris, Paris, France

La Sweepstake 2019


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Nous organisons un autre de nos fameux tirages au sort pour célébrer la coupe du monde féminine cette année

by Sam Foote in Paris, Paris, France

Bonnet de bain. Another sweepstake!

This time in honour of the summer's main event: the Women's World Cup in France.

And that of course means only one thing. Another flirt with our terms and conditions in order to hold a company lottery to win £120 (€138.61). But don't worry, Owen's down under so we're in the clear.

We're a one-trick pony so there's nothing new to see here. Some dodgy graphics, dodgier puns, twenty-four teams, a fiver in, a load of phoney bonus prizes and at the end of it all, one winner with a pocket full of readies.

It's easy to enter. Just select the reward on this page. If you donate a fiver by accident, we're keeping it. Strictly one entry per person please.

The traditional draw will be hosted live from Bridport on eve of the tournament curtain-raiser when hosts France take on South Korea in Paris on June 7.

It's hotter than Notre-Dame on a warm Spring evening, so what are you waiting for?


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