La Petite Bouchée

by lapetiteboucheecafe in Sydenham

We did it
On 17th August 2015 we successfully raised £6,925 with 89 supporters in 28 days

To secure funding for La Petite Bouchée in order to make her more secure and able to be moved.

by lapetiteboucheecafe in Sydenham

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andwar 16th August 2015

I am looking forward to seeing this idea expand and grow. Great idea with the fact that the restaurant comes to you. Looking forward to tasting the food and seeing you all.

jasperwight 9th August 2015

Apols for the delay. Got delayed with summer jollies. Well done for smashing your target. Looking forward to seeing the apple of both your eyes get out on the road a bit and spread its frenchie love...

tania 8th August 2015

This news angered me so much. La Petite Bouchee Cafe is the ultimate recycling project, and gave this dear old vehicle a new lease of life in the most imaginative and creative way. May you keep her in business for a long time yet - the business of delighting taste buds and filling bellies. Very important work! Good luck. xx

lapetiteboucheecafe 5th August 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful comments and donations. Everyone of them is so very much appreciated. We're nearly 60% to target. Wow. xxx 5th August 2015

I haven't been to your place yet, but I love the idea of it and I was appalled by what happened. So here is my little help and look out for me this weekend :)

jody 3rd August 2015

So sorry to see the vandalism of your van. Hopefully those responsible will one day mature enough to understand what they did was both moronic and pointless. Don't let the terminally stupid get you down!

red_red_robyn 29th July 2015

I'm so sorry to hear about this happening to you guys. I really hope you get everything you need to have your van up and running as soon as possible. It's a lovely concept and deserves to succeed! Robyn x

wendy.mallas 25th July 2015

I wish I could give more. You've worked so hard to create the most innovative, niche enterprise. I applaud your talent, and now your strength and resolve in the face of this mindless vandalism. Wendy xx

nicki.doyle 24th July 2015

Sorry to hear about what happened to LPB - love that you haven't let it get in your way! Look forward to coming in again once I've got the small matter of giving birth out of the way! Nicki & Conrad

coryfcook 24th July 2015

Chapeau to you and La Petite Bouchée - That's the spirit! Here's to getting her ironclad and ready for service xxx

Nigel Britten 22nd July 2015

We haven't eaten with you yet, but we think LPB looks brilliant and sorry that some idiot has tried to spoil your dream. Good luck


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A glass of wine with your meal

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A carafe of wine with your meal

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15% off an event at La Petite Bouchee ( excluding alcohol) for the period of 12 months

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Free dining at La Petite Bouchee, This buys 2 meals for up to 4 people in the space of 12 months. Alcohol is an additional cost - Meals must be taken in different months

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£250 Reward

Life time membership of La Petite Bouchee Dining Club, private events invites, news letters, and 3 meals for up to 4 people ( transferable to family and friends) to be used within 24 months ( Alcohol is additional cost and meals must be taken in different months

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