La Creme Coffee

La Creme Coffee

La Creme Coffee is planned to be a barista delivery service, offering fresh barista coffee, other hot drinks and a selection of food.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Initially, we will be a home run business, but plan on expansion into a retail location within 18 months.

We have our own online website with ordering functionality and are working towards our own app in the App Store. We also are in talks with HungryHouse to offer our service through them. Currently, we have agreement to offer our services through the FoodBooking app.

The barista coffee market is huge and continues to grow and we feel we can capitalise on it.

We are in the planning stage of our business but feel we could be ready to launch within 1 months of secured funding. We have already created our online presence at and are ready to list our menu in the FoodBooking app. We are in talks with HungryHouse about offering our services through them as well.

We will reach our market through social media, local advertising (I.e. Flyers, posters, billboard etc.) and when we are on HungryHouse we will reach a larger portion of our market.

Our main competition is local coffee shops, like Caffè Nero, Costa et al. However, none of these offer a delivery service. That's why we feel this is a niche market in the coffee industry. There are no coffee shop delivery services currently listed on HungryHouse or Just Eat. The aim is to be the Uber of barista coffee.

I feel like La Creme Coffee would be a very successful business as there is no other service like it. The end goal is to have a completely independent website/application where you can simply order coffee and have it delivered, anywhere or anytime. People we have spoken to have agreed they like the idea and there is a gap in the market for that.