La Boheme Tour 2021 - Bringing Back Music

by Outreach Opera in Higher Walton, England, United Kingdom


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We're developing an open-air production of Puccini's La Boheme, offering a 2021 tour to families across the Northwest region

by Outreach Opera in Higher Walton, England, United Kingdom

  • Who are we?

Outreach Opera is a North West based opera company. Engaging audiences and community participants, Outreach Opera perform in unexpected venues across the North West, presenting opera in an accessible and unique way. Our aim is to offer a creative tool for the local community, which allows them to experience and discover the shaping and performance of opera, alongside some of the regions finest talent.

Our aim is to produce opera experiences which reflect the world we live in today. We want to show that human emotion, however it is presented, is something that unites us all, and that opera is just another way of drawing on real life emotion to present wonderfully captivating drama. 

Our busking tours have seen us present opera on the pavements of many towns and cities across Lancashire, and with this, we have connected with people from all walks of life. We have enjoyed working with young people during our creative processes from helping build sets and exploring the story behind the opera, to performing on stage as part of the children's chorus.

What are we up to?

We're developing an open-air production of Puccini's La Boheme, offering a 2021 tour to families across the Northwest region. Working with local authorities to develop workshops which will engaged different walks of life, Outreach Opera continue their quest to inspire their passion for opera, theatre, music and art into all generations, to quash out-dated opera stereotypes by offering performances at grass roots level. Outreach Opera continually draw on everyday imagery, using the basic beauty of the human voice and dramatic singing, to connect with audiences of every type. As part of the tour, Outreach Opera will invite local school children, free of charge, to attend the dress rehearsal of La Boheme.

Why are we asking for your help?

2020/21 has seen us unite globally against the many challenges Covid 19 has brought.

Unfortunately, most live performances have been cancelled and there has been little or no work for those who work in the arts. However, during this time, one thing has remained constant, which is the thirst and love for music. The obvious health benefits of experiencing music are so necessary right now, for emotional well-being of both children and adults. Now, more than ever, the arts are important as they connect us on a level unlike anything else, and remind us that we are all human, and at Outreach Opera we want to bring communities together, to rejoice in music and experience the wonder of opera. This project will provide opportunities, not only for the local communities, but also for talented artists, who will join us in our mission to unite and uplift people.

Outreach Opera consider it an absolute must, that everyone can be part of this 2021 LaBoheme tour, regardless of their financial situation. We are crowdfunding in order to help us maintain low ticket prices, whilst keeping the quality of what we deliver at a high standard. This will also help pay musicians fees, offering that much needed work, during these difficult times, as many artists have seen a significant decline in opportunities covering 2020/2021. We hope you can join us on our journey to nurture the arts and bring forward fantastic, inclusive opera. 

Let's make 'La Boheme Tour 2021 - Bringing Back Music' happen

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