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by L'interjekt Social in London, England, United Kingdom


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Raise funds for our social tech services. Donations will fund our free services to charities & free CodeClassrooms for special needs kids

by L'interjekt Social in London, England, United Kingdom

Help our tech social community stay together by helping us raise money to:-

- Run our Pro Bono (free) CodeClassrooms to Special Education Needs children, autistic and children with other learning and behavioural challenges

- Continue our Pro Bono (free) tech services to Charities, non profit organisations and environmental and humanitarian causes and keep our promise to our existing non profit clients


By helping us to raise these funds, you are allowing us to prevent unemployment, homelessness, abuse and social dependence in later life that if, not addressed or treated now will continue to have a tide of negative effects on these children as they transition to adulthood.

Our free learn to CodeClassrooms were created to be run by our very own in-house Web developers, Coders and Programmers that create incredible work for businesses (now how authentic and invaluable is that?)

These talented staff aim to teach Coding (which is web, app design and tech development) to industry level and to the standard that employers are looking for because as a Social Enterprise we know the business and understand the global shortage of tech skills affecting business communities globally.

Without an office or business that can sustain our free services later on, we will be prevented from providing support and funding to our Learn Technology and Learn to Code Classrooms.

Our learn to CodeClassrooms are invaluable support systems, that will offer long term employment strategies and bridges to employment for children attending our learn to CodeClassroom centres in your communities.

Research shows that autistic, dyslexic and special education needs (SEN) children and those with behavioural challenges, respond very well to the nuances of coding, programming and engineering things like robots, gadgets, and building apps. Studies further show that there is a direct positive impact on productivity, focus, personality, performance and increased self esteem.

Furthermore, we have seen the impact of visually aided interactive teaching ourselves during our volunteer work teaching in these Special Education Needs (SEN) centres in schools around the UK.

In keeping with our social promise, we believe that no-one should be excluded from the technology revolution that we are in; its benefits, impacts and financial rewards and that includes these marginalised child groups, Charities, not for profit organisations, environmental and health projects, groups, clubs and initiatives.

Our Vision

Our vision for L'interjekt is for us to be a highly responsive global technology solution and technology intervention strategy to local, national and global markets.

In other words we are wherever you need strategic, immediate technology design interventions and access to high end problem solving technologies.

Why L'interjekt?

Your donations will help develop and launch life saving technology solutions and enable us to be a Tech solution to the world around you, your families and to your friends.

L'interjekt was founded to be an injection of compelling and technology rich creative design strategies and a global tech intervention service that drives the message of access to technology for all.

We Are Responsive to Social Needs

We are thus responsive to social needs around us that require technology interventions. From our research, we found that having no access to up to date high end technology severely affects healthcare providers, City Councils, including housing departments that manage homeless cases. However, due to their old systems and servers they frequently break down. From our research we found this means that a homeless person trying to progress with a claim can sometimes wait up to four days before systems are up and running again.  We feel that this is inexcusable and unacceptable.

Injekt solution:

Our free tech, design innovations and 24 hour call out service to Charities, social enterprises, non profit organisations, clubs, agencies, agendas, Hospitals, Housing & City Councils and initiatives.

We Are Responsive to Emergency Services & Their Crucial Impact on Society

We are responsive to the limiting underlying factors emergency services experience when responding to crises and crucial life threatening situations;

Injekt solution:

Our life saving first response App for emergency services worldwide that will benefit the general public and boost quicker response times to those in need of help in those crucial seconds.

We Are Responsive to the Tech Skills Shortage

We are responsive to the tech skills shortage issues around the world;

Injekt solution:

Our Coding programme & App for autistic, dyslexic, special needs children and adults which are ready to launch to Universities

We Are Responsive to Learning Disability Groups

We are responsive to the lack of long term provisions for Special Education Needs children and those with learning and behavioural difficulties. From our first hand research we are aware of the isolation and vulnerability they will experience in life due to lack of social skills and job opportunities.

Injekt solution:

Our free Coding Classrooms for Special Education Needs children aged 6 -16 yrs old, where our very own skilled tech web developers, Coders & programmers will teach Coding, design technology classes Monday - Sunday.

Our teaching method and content will be to industry standards. We will therefore provide invaluable lessons, skills and insight into the industry and more than adequately prepare these young minds for life and work.

We aim to launch these CodeClassrooms which are three rooms together, to ensure, job employ-ability, social inclusion, the ability to live independently and the ability to pay for ones own home is achieved. Our aim is to change the outcome of a special education needs child so that they are no longer dependent on others but can steer their lives in a way that avoids abuse, unemployment and homelessness.

We Are Responsive to Global Unemployment & Environmental Issues

We are responsive to reducing the global carbon print and pollution in highly populated areas as well as increasing work opportunities in these populated areas for people in vast countries like USA's Middle America, Australia and Europe;

Injekt solution:

Our patented innovative transport technology solution that will disrupt markets and boost trade simultaneously and globally.

We Are Responsive to Global e-Commerce Performance Needs

We are responsive to the demands of commerce and trade to have increased and efficient work processes and systems in place.

Injekt solution:

Our patented high tech, extremely intelligent A.I responsive workflow intranet and app to be licensed out to businesses worldwide

What Will We Use the Funding For?

As a Social Enterprise we require a one-time only large financial  investment to kick-start all the above.

Our Solutions require funding to bring to the market and launch.

Our Solutions are programmable and therefore require funding to apprehend and hire more skilled Coders, Programmers and Software Engineers

All our Tech solutions are life saving

Launching our Social Enterprise 

Social enterprises rely on trade to fund their free services and efforts to Charities, non profits and so on.

Your donation will launch our office that will bring in trade to sustain our free learn to Code Classrooms and free technologies, and architecture design services to Charities, not for profit organisations, clubs, government initiatives and so on.

As a Social Enterprise our vision for our paid services is that the funding will also help bring us to the standard required to provide stellar and groundbreaking solutions in our three paid for service departments:

  • 1. Web Technology Design & Development, Graphic Design & Animation 
  • 2. Architecture Tech Design & Interior Technology design
  • 3. Brand Advertising & Marketing

For L'interjekt paid services to happen we require:

  • - High end laptops and PC's

- Top-Tier quality and skilled staff (senior web developers, programmers, software engineers, architects and interior designers)

- Aggressive and impressive advertising & marketing campaigns

- Access to reputable and credible recruitment agencies

- Office equipment

For L'interjekt CodeClassrooms (three rooms adjacent to each other in total) we require funding:

  • - PC's, Laptops, iPads
  • - Classroom furniture that ranges in size to accommodate 6-16 yrs age groups in the community that we are targeting
  • - CRB checks for staff
  • - Staff training to teach children and engage with Special Education Needs children.

After this initial funding, we intend to become self-sustained from our paid services which will not only pay our business costs but also fund our Pro Bono Social Technology services and run our CodeClassrooms.

Going forward, we aim to have a L'interjekt learn to CodeClassroom, where 6-16yr olds will be taught to a very high standard and to industry level expectations seven days a week, operating in every major City.

Visit us at to see what we aim to offer and what we are hoping to achieve.

Thank you for your donations!


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