Kyujutsu Archery Club

Kyujutsu Archery Club

To have electricity installed in the new range to expand and improve our range and work within the community on a much larger scale.

We did it!

On 13th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £245 with 10 supporters in 56 days

A few years ago I was looking for a sport that both myself and brother-in-law could do, he had spinal and nerve damage along with PTSD, I had a friend who run an archery club in Wrexham so we went there for 18 months before we realised that this was an amazing sport and we would be doing a great service by bringing it to an area that has next to nothing for people to take part in if they didn't like football or rugby. We spoke about it for 6 months and planned everything we needed. The launch day was a massive success with over 90 people attending a taster session, we now currently have 78 active members and have won 2 national awards and have been informed we are currently the fastest growing and most active club in Cheshire, the issue that we are having is that due to archery not being classed as a mainstream sport we miss out on a lot of grants for sport to the likes of football and rugby. 

We are currently running sessions for Schools, Colleges and charities who deal with a range of people. 

 We started the club to accept everyone and adapt to the members needs not the members adapt to the club.

 A large percentage of our junior members have Autism, Asperger syndrome or other mental health issues. The club works great as it gives everyone the feeling of acceptance and that everyone is equal.

 We have secured a 10 year lease on a property, the building has been severely damaged internally and requires a lot work, none of this is structural. 

 We have electricians awaiting a payment to be available to have the full building re-wired. 


We are passionate about getting kids off the streets, getting adults out of the house and taking part in a sport.

If we don't understand something we will approach it head on attending courses to get better knowledge of the unknown. 


Our mission statement is - 


Mission statement

Here at kyujutsu Archery Club, we aim to be a club with a difference.  Our main aim is to provide an open club that caters to both adults and children of all abilities without prejudice. From beginners to competition level, we welcome everyone. We are DBS (Formally CRB) checked, Archery GB trained coaches on hand to meet your every need. We aim to cater to any disabilities or injuries and ensure everybody is given an equal opportunity. We aim to create an exciting atmosphere for you to enjoy this amazing sport.



We aim to raise £10,000 to have our new range rewired after vandals cut and burnt all of the cable when the building was derelict, as we are an Archery Club we find it very difficult to obtain funding as we are not a main stream sport. In the area we are the only archery club and have exceeded all expectations from everyone involved behind the scenes of the club.

most of the repair work from the fire and  vandalism is being repaired by members of the club or myself and business partner, whenever it comes to things like electric we are better getting professionals in to do their work, but they come at a cost.... £10,488 is the cost that we have been give for the electric work to be completed. 

Here are some of the photos of the beginning of our project.

so far in the progress

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