KYND app - be rewarded for being kind every day

by Jade Gharebaghi in Enfield, England, United Kingdom

KYND app - be rewarded for being kind every day


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An app of KYNDness promoting mental health through user activity. Share stories + skills everyday, plus be rewarded. No likes, no followers.

by Jade Gharebaghi in Enfield, England, United Kingdom

I am an ex-digital marketing executive sick of retail sales prompts, false social media facades and mindless online bullying. 

KYND is a new kind of app. Promoting happiness and  healthy daily prompts or questions for you to engage with text or pictures as soon as you log in.

Questions and prompts will be fun, random and let people get to know the real you inside and out, and be rewarded for being you!

Your personal stream of conversation much like a series of WhatsApp groups with friends/people or businesses you want to hear from that you personalise yourself and interact with.

The  functionality of the app is to improve mental health and social togetherness. No likes, no followers and no trolls! Just the giving and receiving of KYND coins.

Notifications will be sent to those people connected to you telling them about what your are doing and talking about today.

You buy or earn ‘KYND coins’ for different features to unlock on the app and give to your friends or network. This is how the platform monetises. The different features could range from having the ability to host games rooms, class rooms and unlock more prompts.

You can join in with group games/activities/classes/seminars/discussions all in one app. The classes could range from cookery to karate. Activities such as playing video games together online.

When you are having fun together you can all share, gift or earn KYND coins for your positive interactivity with others. 

The templates to build experiences within each feature encourages you to interact happily and seamlessly. 

If you help others by making positive comments or reactions you are rewarded with KYND coins to use new features or users can gift you their coins for helping them out or teaching them something new.

The KYND coins can eventually be used to convert into real life gifts or experiences to share with others if you purchase from retailers. Your coins can never be redeemed for your own personal gain. It is always about giving to others.

The way positivity or helpfulness is decided by platform AI technology as well as community feedback in the form of ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ buttons much like facebook

Your other platforms such as Tik Tok, Facebook or instagram could be eventually streamed through my new platform aimed at encouraging to keep content clean, fun, safe and rewarding.

Businesses can monetise from the app by positively advertising its products through users or their own profile by creating real experiences for their customers online instead of just selling through images and bloggers.

The platform will allow you the freedom to show who you are an in depth way that shows off your inside and not just your outside. 

KYNDness will finally be rewarded in this world.

Let's make 'KYND app - be rewarded for being kind every day' happen

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